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  • What is the use of Nanotechnology in textiles?

    smitholivia335 over 4 years ago

    How nanotechnology can be used in specially apparel industry?

  • linamay1995

    over 4 years ago

    Apparels which have nanotech materials have heavy benefit for human wearer. These nanotech enabled apparels protect the wearer from toxic gases, pathogens, micro organisms and other harmful substances. These apparels have applications in military and medical services.
  • debu123prokis

    over 4 years ago

    Nanotechnology can be used to make highly durable fabrics as nano-particles have high surface energy and large surface area to volume ratio. This makes high affinity for fabrics and it leads to increased durability.
  • smitholivia335

    over 3 years ago

    Main feature could be less dirty cloths. What you think?

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