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CFS launched a new database listing all food products containing nanotechnology

Posted by :linamay1995

Now you can find the total list of products that have nanotechnology in newly launched database of nanoproducts. Yes, it’s true, keeping in mind the adverse effect of nanotechnology the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has made the decision to publish a new list of products that has been made with the help of nanotechnology application or has some nano particles in them.

It’s not new that nanotechnology is being used in different consumer products like, bottles, plastics storages etc, but people are still unaware that nano particles can have some adverse effects as well.

Well, there is no doubt that nanotechnology is doing a great job to counter many problems such as health problems, storage, inexpensive treatments etc. But nano particles may leave a long term effect on human body.

Why take precaution against food containing nanotechnology?

Every time a new product that contains nanotechnology in it is launched, it neither goes through any test nor does it gives warning to the consumers about its uses. There is no such tool to measure the consequences at nano level which may harm the human beings. Consumers are totally unaware of the effects nanoparticles may cause. The reason behind maintaining a database of nanotechnology based products is to give the consumers proper information about the product contents.

How nanoparticles effect human health?

Nanomaterials due to their small size can penetrate inside the body of human beings; consuming those products can help the nano materials reach sensitive areas in a body such as cells tissues or even bone marrow. Most of the products which include such nanoparticles are not labelled properly, and the worst part is the products are mostly consumed by children.

According to the organisations, most of the products that contain nanomaterials don’t follow any routine to evaluate the consequences. These products are highly available in the market. The database includes different nano particles and amongst them nano titanium dioxide and nano silica are the most common ingredient found in most of the products.

Nano titanium dioxide is sufficiently little to cross through the digestive tract and into organs where it can harm DNA and disturb cell capacity.

Silica is a hostile to solidifying specialists utilized as a part of powdered nourishment items, yet it, as well, could bring about wellbeing issues at the nano-scale. A few late studies have demonstrated that nano silica can increase the toxic levels in the liver.

Despite the fact nanomaterials can cause abundant health effects, the government is unable to put a ban on these products. The FDA is failing to prevent nano-laced foods from being sold. Our food safety agency should demand that these products be taken off the market, as companies are using food additives and food contact materials not approved at the nano scale, said Hanson, senior policy analyst at Center for Food Safety.

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