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Nanotechnology to help fight breast cancer

Posted by :grahamford557

Nanotechnology has been one of the most improving streams of science. The importance of searching new and effective methods has given the scientist and researcher to work hard towards achieving science that will help the living beings in varied ways. In the past we have seen how nanotechnology applications have been able to help solve many health problems. The research on nanotechnology application to counter cancer is not a new thing; scientists have found new ways to fight breast cancer which is major reason for deaths in the entire world.


Early detection of cancer can stop the disease to affect the body in a large way which often leads to the death of the patient. At the University Of Notre Dame researchers are working on a study that will eventually help to detect cancer at an early stage.


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Professor Ryan K. Roeder an expert in the field of biomedical engineering and Tracy Vargo-Gogola expert in cancer biology together are working at the Harper Cancer Research Institute to make the cancer mammography more accurate for early detection. According to them nanotechnology may play a great role in making this reality.


Mammography is very effective, but not perfect. A specific challenge that has received increased attention in the last few years is that some women have higher breast tissue density, which can mask abnormalities from being detected by mammography. To make matters worse, women with higher breast tissue density are more likely to get breast cancer. Numerous states have now passed legislation requiring that breast tissue density is reported to women who receive mammograms, and federal legislation was recently introduced." said Roeder.


With the help of nanotechnology the duo is working on a nanoscale contrasting agent which will be able to detect the cancer tissues present in the body, in a more precise way even in thick densely populated tissue areas.


How does the nano agent works?

The contrasting agent is coated with gold nanoparticles which consist of molecules helps to detect breast cancer cells. The nano agent will not only do a basic screening of the tissue population rather it will get an idea of the risky areas. Mammogram may find a suspicious tissue which may or may not be a cancer tissue, with the help of the contrasting agent women can be sure whether they are at risk or not which is great to feel a sigh of relieve or take immediate action vice verse.


The method has been tried and tested in several clinics but with less benefit, according to the researchers it’s still in a progressing state where a number of things are to be taken care of. The cost of research and materials are expensive which is a limitation in such cases.


Kelly Cares Foundation and the Saint Joseph Health System are helping the research at present by providing necessary funding.


“We have successfully demonstrated the approach in several preclinical, animal studies. The funding we just received from the Kelly Cares Foundation will allow us to investigate feasibility in human-scale models and imaging instrumentation at the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in order to build a case for pursuing a clinical trial,” Roeder said.

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