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Cancer Research Centre to be awarded 9.5 million dollar for research

Posted by :grahamford557

This is the third time, the National Center of Cancer is awarding a five year grant to the Stanford’s Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence in Translational Diagnostics.

The amount is a hefty 9.5 million dollars, which can bring about a great change in the field of nanotechnology.

This is the consecutive third time the research funding is awarded to the Stanford cancer research centre. The funding is handled by the conglomerate team working behind nanotechnology cancer centre. The motive behind these funds are to encourage research and studies to invent new technologies in every discipline. For example, in cancer treatment, diabetes, heart diseases, etc nanotechnology is said to bring about revolutionary changes.

The awards are given to four prestigious institutions, Stanford is amongst one of them who have received the award.

“In contrast to some situations, in which researchers and clinicians try to figure out clinical applications for newly developed technology, the nanotechnology approaches we’ve developed over the past 10 years were developed with very specific clinical problems in mind,” said Sanjiv Gambhir, MD, PhD, professor and chair of radiology, who directs the center.

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Gambhir also added that the past reputation of Stanford University to develop nanotechnology innovations has made the expectations higher.

The earlier nanotechnology findings of the university was by Shan Wang, PhD, professor of materials science and engineering and of electrical engineering, who developed a magnetic sensor which is able to detect any changes occurring in the cancer biomarkers. This can possibly help in early detection of cancer using blood samples.

Another useful technique found by the researchers at Stanford is a way to insert nanoparticles inside the human body. They are specially made for the purpose to detect cancer cells.

The reason why Stanford is regarded as one of the best place for the innovations in nanotechnology is because a number of researchers join in from different backgrounds like medicine, engineering, even humanities. Nanotechnology is capable of solving many problems and bring about changes in treatment methodologies.

In particular, we’ve attracted physical scientists and engineers to tackle difficult clinical problems in the field of cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment”, said Gambhir.

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