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Top nanotechnology applications the world is using right now

Posted by :grahamford557

Every day new software and technologies are invented, science is advancing in a great way. The world is not only investing their interest and money on computer advancements and other advance machinery, but also putting some of their interest in hardware engineering which comprises of nanotechnology. Starting from safe drug deliveries to tiny memory chips with storage capacity of terabytes the hardware sectors is sure to see bright day right ahead.

The nanotechnology sector has a very good prospect for growth and it is likely to be very popular in the future. The products are already available in the market and soon it will reach business of around US$75. 8 billion by the year 2020.

Although the business is not huge at present and investors find it little difficult to look for a proper company or find shares to buy. The applications of nanotechnology are spread over diverse fields. In this blog, we will go through 5 sectors where nanotechnology is affecting the lives of people in a great way.

Nanotechnology application in medicine

Nanotechnology has a number of uses in medicine, although we can use the applications in various ways, such as therapies, medicine, diagnostics, etc. Some of the advancements like in drug delivery system, nanorobots is going to add a new dimension to the treatment facilities. Life threatening diseases such as cancer, AIDS, malaria are cured with the help of nanotechnology to some extent.

Nanotechnology application in food

Nanotechnology has been present in food for a very long time. Only now its presence is understood by researchers. A number of food product contains nanotechnology in them in today’s date to enhance flavors, improve packaging to keep the food fresh for a long time. To keep the color intact, a nanoparticle named titanium dioxide is used in food products.

Nanotechnology application in electronics

In electronics, nanotechnologyhas got a great scope of opportunity to make new advancements. From small chips to electronic stuffs that are lightweight and smaller in size. Nanocomputer, to super Micro SD card with greater storage capacities. Mobile phones with a smaller battery, but more capacity. Electrical circuits, transistors, etc, are becoming smaller in size with the help of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology application in energy

Application of nanotechnology is well utilized in the energy sector by introducing new energy storage systems, less wastage of oil and gas. A number of companies use nanotechnology for recycling and putting efforts towards a greener energy resource. It plays a vital role in renewable resources. For example, increasing the power in solar cells and reducing the need of silver in them.

Nanotechnology application in agriculture

Nanotechnology implemented in agriculture has opened the gateway for many possibilities. For example nanocapsules help deliver pesticides and fertilizers into the soil, the use of nano sensors aid in monitoring the soil condition and even the growth of the plant or crop from time to time. It also does great at detecting an animal or plant pathogens.

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