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Nanotechnology in medicine: present research and studies

Posted by :kerirussell

Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating nano particles at atomic levels to discover new properties that may be very beneficial. Nanotechnology and its applications have shown a rapid success in many areas, for example, healthcare, military, construction, electronics, etc. Coming to the medical sector, some revolutionizing ideas like gene therapy, drug delivery etc are being popularized by nanotechnology recently.

A nano particle is one billionth part of a meter, or 40,000 times of a human hair. A range of tools like nanorobots or tubes are used to make certain manipulation at nano level.

Advances made in the field of medicine with the help of nanotechnology applications

Manipulation of DNA structure

Intense research is going on to make changes in the DNA structure of human beings as it can bring about a way to cure gene-related diseases. DNA pattern is different in every individual and this goal to treat gene related disease will need some nano tools to implement the applications. The need for such tools has raised attention in many companies and research centres.

The Australian National University has put a step forward to study the interaction of protein binding inside a DNA structure by adding a latex coated bead to the end of DNA that has been modified. They used an optical trap which comprises a beam of light that helps to hold the beads in their position.

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Impact of Nanotechnology in Medical Science


DNA-based nanorobots are made to target cancer cells. The Harvard medical school recently developed an origami nanorobot from the DNA structure which will help in transporting molecules to carry instructions to make the cells behave in an instructed way. The team demonstrated their success in killing the cancer cells with the help of the molecules.

Apart from DNA structured nanorobots, other materials are also used for making these robots such as gold. The Northwestern University made star shaped nanorobots which directly target the cancer cell nuclei.

On site drug

On site drugs are said to fulfil the need to deliver drugs in the targeted cell otherwise breaks down before reaching the targeted area. Due to this reason the nanotechnology researchers are putting stress on making applications or tools that can help make drugs in situ. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, tried to put up a study to describe how self-made manufacturers can make a protein component of the direct spot.

The idea of self-made nanofactories came to the researchers while they were searching for a solution to cure metastatic tumor. Over 90% of cancer deaths are caused by metastatic tumor.

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