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Benefits of nanotechnology applications in different fields

Posted by :archiemcphee58

As we all are aware nanotechnology applications are benefiting different aspects of life. The advanced technologies are not only helping to live a better life, but making things more ergonomic minimizing efforts and increasing productivity. Nanotechnology has been advantageous in many sectors, like medicine, military, electronics, food, etc. Following are some of the fields where nanotechnology has a greater effect.

Areas where nanotechnology applications are used:

Medicine- A number of nanotechnology applications are available in the market which are helping the medicine sector. For example, Nanomedicine, nano sensors to deliver drugs inside a body, targeted drug therapy to cure the diseased cells present in the body.

Food- Nanotechnology applications has a great impact onfood technology. Starting from the food production to the packaging of food, nanotechnology is involved in every step. It enhances the food quality and keep the food quality intact for a longer duration.

Cells- Nanotechnology applications are used in fuel cells to increase their efficiency. Solar cells are also being made in the most effective ways to reduce cost. Nanomaterials are being used to make batteries which have good health and can be recharged faster than the old batteries.

Space- Nanotechnology applications are very useful in making lightweight spacecraft materials and reducing the cost of fuel. The overall impact of nanotechnology will help reduce the cost of space journey.

Fuels- The shortage of fossil fuel like gasoline and oil can be countered with the help of nanotechnology applications. It uses cheap raw materials to make fuels that increases engine mileage and car efficiency.

Environment- A number of nanotechnology applications have been applied to make the water and air cleaner. They serve the purpose of filtering air and water contents at very reasonable cost which the underdeveloped countries will get benefits from.

Sports- Nanotechnology has its impact over sports too.Making of sports good like tennis ball and racquets are done with the help of nanotechnology applications.

Benefits of nanotechnology applications

Applications of nanotechnology have helped evolve the existing technologies for a better standard of living. Over 800 nanotechnology products are now available in the market for the consumers. Thus, we can see how it is helping the society through varied ways.Nanotechnology applications in different fields

Nanotechnology application in everyday materials- Molecular science is meant to expand the capability of the elements by manipulating at nano levels. The manipulation helps make the material strong, durable and powerful.

Nanoscale additives-They are included in polymers used for making baseball, tennis racquets, luggage, automobile bumpers, helmets, etc. It makes the product lightweight yet durable and flexible. Additives used in fabrics make them water repellent, wrinkle and stain resistant.

Nanoscale thin films are used in eyeglasses, monitors, television, window glass, it makes them water repellent, self cleaning, protection from harmful ultra-violet or infrared rays, protection against bacterias and microbes also being scratch resistant.

Nanoscale material- Nanomaterials used in sunscreens, and makeup gives greater clarity and coverage, less harmful, greater absorption. Also in the food industry, nanomaterial used in food packaging helps to restrict inflow and outflow of oxygen and carbon dioxide that keeps the food healthy for a long time. The special food packaging contains nanosensor which notifies about the degradation of food. Application of nanotechnology are implemented in making household products such as stain removers.

Nanostructured ceramic coat is used hugely in heavy industries. It helps in building strong and cost effective machine parts have a long life.

Nanotechnology application in electronics and IT- Nanotechnology have a number of uses in the field of electronic and communication. It helps build fast and portable devices with large storage capacity.

Nanoscale transistor- They are small in size, energy saving very efficient device which can store the entire computer data in a single tiny chip.

MRAM-Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM) will save you from loosing any data during any sudden system shutdown.

Electronic product- Nanomaterials used in cell phone, television, computer monitors, camera displays includes OLED or organic light-emitting diodes which offer bright image, wider viewing angle, better picture quality. Nanotechnology applications have helped make many devices such as a keyboard with antibacterial coating, smart packaging for video games, smart cards, etc.

Sustainable applications

Sustainable Energy solutions by Nanotechnology

Researchers and scientist are looking for ways to   sustain the existing fossil fuels. Application of nanotechnology has helped develop technologies to reduce energy consumption.

Solar panel- The new model of solar panels is more efficient than the conventional one. They are less expensive and far more efficient in converting sunlight into electricity. These solar cells are cheap and very easy to install. In fact the future prototypes are printable.

Better fuel production- Nanotechnology is helping to make the fuel production more efficient by using better prototypes. Besides, it is also working on making the vehicles to consume low fuel.

Non toxic batteries- They are available in the market which are charged quickly, require less toxic material, light weight with a higher power density. They do not have any harmful effect on the environment.

Efficient products- Converting devices to convert heat energy from various devices such as computer, automobiles, etc. Carbon nanotubes used in windmills make the blades strong and lightweight. High tension wires help reduce energy loss during energy transmission.

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