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How nanotechnology applications are helping food industry?

Posted by :archiemcphee58

Nanotechnology is a broad chapter of science which is proving beneficial for diverse industry.

Food and agriculture is one such industry which is getting a number of useful nanotechnology application in food which helps to solve a number of problems. Nanotechnology not only caters to the problems of the food industry, but helps a lot in solving environmental problems and minimizing the harm which different applications cause. Let us go through 5 best nanotechnology application in food that helps the agriculture sector:


Reducing the use of pesticide

Nanotechnology has helped in making different application which uses small and effective pesticides causing less harm to the environment. Even a smaller amount of pesticides made out of nanomaterials or with the help nanotechnology application leaves a greater effect to protect the plants. One can also install special sensors that monitor the growth and health of the crops and seeds. Nanotechnology has made way for advanced use of fertilizers, made new pesticides with stronger formulation proving better for the environment as well as the health of plants.


Protecting the brand by tracking and tracing technology

Nanotechnology can help save a brand name by bringing into notice applications which helps to save a brand. Business owners need an application which can easily recognize the genuineness of their products, nanotechnology in food packaging can help in this regards by introducing nanoscale logo or print which can be scanned for determining genuineness. Frauds and counterfeiters are always on the lookout for making false products and ruining a brand name. Nanotechnology application can help with encrypted nanoscale bar codes or similar information on batch of products to authenticate the originality of products. Specially in case of drugs and other life saving products, nanotechnology can really solve the chances of fraudulent.


Change in food texture

Nanotechnology aids in making the food much more effective by including nano ingredients that are easily absorbed by the human body without changing the food texture. Nanotechnology application in food has given rise to interactive food technology, which allows you to choose the food colour and texture. For example, you can program your food, by simply choosing from the preset options. How does it work? Nanocapsules present in the food can change colour and flavor. Researchers are still are working to create these nanoparticles, soon we may have these nanoparticles which will be able to change its flavor or texture.


Bacteria identification and elimination

Nanoparticles that have some microbial features in it are said to be very useful in preventing bacteria, however, these nanoparticles can affect human health, to be precise cause lung diseases. But according to the researchers at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) these nanoparticles are safe for use after being suspended in water. Nano carbohydrates are used in food so that they connect with the bacteria, making it easily detectable and eliminated.

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  1. samanthakahn  - February 24, 2016

    Nanotechnology is helping a number of industries. Food industry gets a special mention here as a number of problems can be solved with the help of nanotechnology like reducing the use of pesticides, eliminating bacteria ,etc.

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