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One-way Ticket to Mars

Posted by :KariNorth


Try to imagine how it would feel to leave Planet Earth forever. The Mars One is a project that aims to establish permanent human settlement on Mars and everyone can participate in the mission to make it their home. The first crew of four astronauts will depart in 2024, and after that a new crew of four will join the adventure every two years. The astronauts will go through an extensive training period to obtain the skills they will need on Mars and on their journey. To be able to cope with a life on a desolated and unfamiliar place like Mars, the training will focus on the group’s ability to be located for prolonged periods of time in a remote location.

To be able to live on Mars, sufficient supply of water and oxygen is crucial. Before the first humans arrive, units launched in 2018 will prepare the settlement location with a habitat containing stored water and breathable air. The Martian soil contains ice particles and an oven is used to extract these particles by evaporation. The water is condensed back to its liquid state and stored to be available for the first humans when they set foot on Mars. Breathable air will be created from oxygen extracted from parts of the stored water together with Nitrogen and Argon filtered from the natural atmosphere on Mars. See more at

There is a huge interest in becoming the first humans on Mars. In February 2015, 100 hopeful people were selected from more than 200 000 applicants to proceed to the next round of the selection process. You may wonder why people think it is worth to leave earth and their families for a Mars adventure. Read the thoughts of finalist Sonia Van Meter about what it’s like to face leaving Earth forever at


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