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Use of Nanotechnology in Cosmetics Industry

Posted by :debu123prokis

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In several cosmetics products, nanotechnology and nanomaterials are used. These include hair care products, sunscreen and moisturisers. In cosmetics, there are two main uses of nanotechnology:

  1. Nanoparticles are used as UV filters. In this case,  titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the two main compounds used.
  2. Nanotechnology is used in the purpose of delivery. The two main delivery vehicles are liposomes and niosomes. You can find nanostructure lipid carriers and lipid nanoparticles as the two better performers than liposomes. We can think that nanostructure lipid carriers as a quality cosmetic delivery agent. These delivery agents provide enhanced controlled occlusion, bioavailability and hydration to a certain point. For cosmetic applications, nanocrystals and nanoemulsions are also thought for use. In the cosmetics industry, patents are filed for the use of dendrimers.

Cosmetics which are using nanomaterials, have more legal requirements than other cosmetics. Cosmetic products which use nanomaterials, to conduct their safety assessments, new methods of safety tests needed to be developed.

Some of the latest uses of nanotechnology in cosmetics are:-

  • Penetration Enhancer- In the so-called nanoemulsions, key ingredients encapsulation increases the skin penetration.
  • L’Oreal- It is a rank holder in the U.S. nanotechnology patent holders. They are using polymer nanocapsules to deliver ingredients which are active, into the deeper layers of skin.
  • Freeze 24/7- This is a new anti-wrinkle skin care line of products. In future products, they are planning to use nanotechnology.
  • La Prairie- The lines, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation can be minimized by their product, the Dollars 500 Skin Caviar Intensive Ampoule Treatment, in not more than six weeks.

Some of the other companies which are using nanotech in their cosmetic products, are Johnson and Johnson, Estee lauder brand, Neutrogena and Mary Kay Clinique.

Paris based cosmetics company Caudalie had launched a sunscreen called Vinosun Anti Aging Suncare, in the US market in 2003. This product relies completely on antioxidants and UV filters. Last but not the least, enjoy the video on nanotechnology.

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  1. grahamford557  - March 22, 2015

    Thanks for the post. Can you tell me what is the price range of these cosmetic products which are using nanotech materials? Can you please elaborate the role of liposome in cosmetic products?

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