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Some of The Top Innovations in Medical Technology

Posted by :grahamford557

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Due to the impact of medical device tax and health care reform, medical technology companies are trying to make medical technology products which are more and more fast, cheaper and which provide better care for patients.

Medical industry is best and state of the art medical devices to the market at a cheaper rate. Some of the top medical technologies which you can watch in 2015 are:

  • Flexible Microelectronics


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 Flexible electronics can be used to wrap up irregular tissues and behave according to the motion of the organ part where the electronic device is attached. It will be a painless and healthy experience being a cyborg. It is interesting to note that Google is trying to invent a glucose sensing contact lenses for diabetic patients.

  • 3D Printing in Medicine


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3D printing is an emerging medical technology. It got popular lately. It is used to make prosthetic devices, for bone replacement and also in surgeries. Even by using 3D printers, prosthetic arms are created. 3D printing in medicine is used to make brand new skull, human face reconstruction and in the construction of printed Titanium vertebral implants.

  • Prostheses Which Are Smartly Powered


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Today, highly articulating powered prosthetic arms are made which are mind controlled. Another gift of medical technology is prosthetic hand which has tactile sensors attached to the fingertips. These hands can feel what it’s touching. By the use of Neurobridge technology, quadriplegic people can move their hands.

  • Glucose Control By Diabetes Monitoring


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Apart from glucose sensing contact lenses, now Genteel lancing devices are made which on any part of the body does pain free pricks. Laser-based glucometer has been recently launched in the market. Due to these devices, pin pricking will not be necessary. In the blood, the dermal interstitial fluid mixes with glucose. This glucometer uses infrared light to sense this glucose.


That’s all for 2015. This is an interesting year for medical technology. We look forward to new medical technologies which will come in the next years. Keep on reading and be healthy and safe.

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  1. levineadam050  - March 30, 2015

    It is an informative article. It’s true that 2015 is the year of medical technology. After reading your article, I like to mention that medical technology can be immensely used for the benefit of mankind.

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