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Top 5 Unknown Fascinating Facts About Albert Einstein

Posted by :rogersd923

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Visualizing Albert Einstein in your mind is not at all tough. He had hair which would make Vidal Sassoon jealous and he used to wear old lab coats. The way we think about space and time was completely revolutionized by him. There are several interesting facts about him which shows him he was more than a genius. Out of those facts, the top 5 facts which are unknown to you are:

  1. He Loved Music


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Apart from physics, his passion was music. He started to play violin at the age of six. He could play Brahms, Mozart and Beethoven. He once said that while working on physics he used to listen music. He used to get great enjoyment by playing violin.

  1. He Was Mad About Books


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Before starting teaching in university, Einstein used to discuss about philosophy and books with his friends. He was a member of a group called Akademie Olympia. The members of this group used to discuss Cervantes, Hume and Spinoza. He later said that the discussing sessions had made an everlasting effect on his career.

  1. He Had A Great Passion About Civil Rights


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In USA, Einstein was an active member of the National Association For The Advancement of Colored People. He was a stern civil rights protester. He denoted racism as America’s “worst disease”. He used to get involve in anti-hate campaigns ran by Civil Rights Congress.

  1. He Hated Publicity


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When Einstein was in the streets, he was frequently used to get accosted by people who either wanted autograph or a scientific speech from him. Tired of giving speeches he used to tell people that he was not Einstein.  People made a mistake recognizing him.

  1. He Get The Offer To Be The President of Israel

                             Image Credit:

After WWII, Einstein became the member of United Nations. Back in 1952, the Prime Minister of newly formed state of Israel offered him the post of President which he politely declined. He helped in setting of the Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.

Judging Einstein’s IQ, we get to know that he was a genius. We rarely spend our time to imagine him as a person and know his past. This article is a little effort to show people some of the interesting facts about Albert Einstein.

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