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Engineering Program in Nanotechnology in University of Pennsylvania

Posted by :ruchiahuja60

Nanotechnology is a very exciting field to study. The engineering programs in nanotech are really great. The University of Pennsylvania offers nanotechnology engineering programs which emphasize on encouraging students to do even research activity in the field of nanotechnology.


Nanotechnology enables solutions in medical diagnostics and therapeutics, alternative energy and wireless communications of next generation. The M.Sc degree in Engineering degree in Nanotechnology guide students to perform leadership roles in emerging high tech industries which features nanoscale phenomena. This program of interdisciplinary nature provides best of the best courses and faculty in the School of Engineering And Applied Sciences, the Wharton School and the School of Arts and Sciences.

Flexible Curriculum

Both part-time and full-time options are allowed by this curriculum. There are three core areas of nanotechnology in which technical courses are organized, which are: Biotechnology; Synthesis, Materials and Nanofabrication; Devices and Fundamental Properties. In addition, there are courses in Commercialization and Entrepreneurship. Individual curriculum or pre-designated courses can be chosen by students.


Backgrounds of Diverse Nature

In nanotechnology, education or training brings skill sets and additional knowledge which are crucial for emerging technologies like materials science, systems engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering and applied sciences, biomedical engineering, civil defense, etc. For creative nanotechnology field there is a diverse dynamic learning environment.



The students are prepared in Nanotechnology by the Masters Degree which provides a solid foundation in the core technical areas. Some of the courses provided by the University of Pennsylvania are:


  • ESE/MSE 525: Nanoscale Science and Technolog
  • BE 583: Molecular Imaging
  • CBE 525: Molecular Modeling and Simulations
  • MEAM 523: Fundamentals of Sensor Technology
  • MEAM/MSE 537: Nanomechanics and Nanotribiology at Interfaces  and many more.


The University of Pennsylvania’s accredited colleges which provide nanotechnology courses, are:


Prerequisites of Admission


In any of the following field, a bachelor’s degree is required: bioengineering, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, physics, chemistry and applied science.

Course Fees


1 Course Unit = $6,248

($5,816 Tuition + $336 General Fee + $96 Technology Fee)

2 Course Units = $12,496

($5,816 Tuition x 2 + $672 General Fee + $192 Technology Fee)

3 Course Units = $19,172

($5,816 Tuition x 3 + $1,340 General Fee + $384 Technology Fee)

4 Course Units = $24,988

($5,816 Tuition x 5 + $1,340 General Fee + $384 Technology Fee)

Please it is to be noted that tuition fees as posted are subjected to change.



The University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to perform education, research and development in across all areas of nanotechnology. The courses are cheaper than other universities. They have state of art classes and laboratories. We suggest all students who are interested to study nanotechnology, to apply here for further studies. Thank You.

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