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Information About Green Nanotechnology

Posted by :samanthakahn

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For several years, within the technology and scientific industry, nanotechnology is a popular subject. Due to the increasing technological advancement, nanotechnology is making advances. Now a lot of people are talking about it. Now engineers are researching on the ways this nanotechnology can be made beneficial for the mankind. This has been given a term “Green Nanotechnology”.

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During manufacture, green nanotechnology involves use of less energy. In green nanotechnology, products can be recycled and again used. We generally use eco-friendly materials in here.

Nanotechnology For Green Manufacturing Process

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In two ways, the manufacturing process can be changed:

  • For effective manufacturing process, nanotechnology will reduce the waste drastically.
  • By using nanomaterials, the generation of undesirable by-products and the use of toxic materials can be eliminated.

The examples of reduction or elimination of pollutants due to the nanotechnology research are:

  • New molecules are built.
  • Molecular self-assembly which is the basis of new chemicals and materials
  • In micro scale reactors, building molecules


Nanomaterials Used in Water Treatment

Providing clean drinking water is a worldwide challenge. Methods of water purification are costly and harmful. Adsorbents, technologies and catalysts based on nanomaterials can create water treatment solutions which are eco-friendly.

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Carbon Nanotube (CNT) membranes is an example of contaminant filter technology. Water components like bacteria, viruses and other organic contaminants can be removed by the applications of carbon nanotube membranes. T his membranes require less maintenance.

Nanotechnology For Renewable Energy Processes

To design & make solar cells, green nanotechnology can be used. Nanoparticles like quantum dots, cadmium telluride and silver polymers can be used to make novel solar cells. Researchers claim that the production cost of these solar cells will be much less but they have less efficiency. Researchers are trying to increase their efficiency.

The performance of energy storage technology can be improved to a greater extent using nanotechnology so that renewable energy applications can have energy storage devices which have high capacity and long life.


Although green nanotechnology is a fascinating concept but more research is needed to be done on this subject. During the manufacturing process of the nanomaterials, risk assessment is to be done. Also the impact of nanotechnology on environment is to be concerned. The biological and environmental hazards caused by nanotechnology are also needed to be taken into consideration.

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  1. archiemcphee58  - March 23, 2015

    Nanotechnology must be used for the benefit of mankind and environment. It’s good to learn that it is used in eco-friendly water purification. Carbon nanotube is the right material to be used in this filter technology.

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