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Most Common Misconceptions About Google Glass

Posted by :archiemcphee58

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Dear friends, I have a question for all Google Glass owners. How you like it? Do you know that this device has a lot of misconceptions? As there are a lot of misconceptions and facts about this Glass, so I thought that I will clear some of the misconceptions about it.

Know about some of these misconceptions here:

  1. Constant stream of information in front of your eyes

You know, some people don’t like to stay connected to the internet constantly. This is a truth that you’re not always connected to it. So, this is a fact constant stream of information is not flowing in front of your eyes. Interact with the device to carefully access information.


  1. Entire recording of your life is done

There is another common misconception that your entire life can be recorded by this Glass. I was unable to figure out beyond 10 seconds, how to configure it. But that’s not the truth. There must be some way to do it. Anyway, continuous recording with this Glass is not possible as it will affect the battery life.

  1. The final price will be the current price

Whenever this device will be launched to the market, its price will be around $1,500. But it is a fact that nobody outside of Google knows what will be the exact price of it. But it’s sure that it will be not close to $1,500. It can be imagined that it won’t be possible as competitive devices like Recon Jets are in the market with a price of $500. So, it can be easily predicted that the price of Google Glasses will be not more than $500.

  1. Commercially available version will be the same as what we see now

Before delivering the Glass to the public they are making a lot of kinks as possible before they are delivered to the public. A group of regular users and developers are chosen to give a view of them on the feedback on the product. Do you know on what conclusion they reached? The device which will come to the market will may be different than what was assumed.


  1. This Glass is a massive privacy invader

It’s a big misconception that this Glass is a huge privacy invader. You can’t deny the fact that you’re wearing this device. By giving a vocal command by speaking clearly, you will make it work.

Finally, it can be said that although the glass is small, the amount of hysteria created around by people who don’t have experienced this Glass it can’t be reduced.

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