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Future Scope of Nanotechnology Studies in India

Posted by :debu123prokis

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There is a bright future regarding scope of nanotechnology education in India. You will get here a detailed view about the scope, colleges and job opportunities for nanotechnology courses in India.

Definition of Nanotechnology Study

Nanotechnology can be referred as world’s future. At the molecular level, nanotechnology can be denoted as the engineering of functional organizations. All the advance concepts of nanotechnology are covered in its study. Each and every particle is researched individually. A machine’s each particle has its own functioning construction and when all the particles are combined, the particle’s work together for a well-built purpose or function.

Future For Nanotechnology Studies in India

In India, the IT industry, at present, is rapidly developing. But in future, nanotechnology will be more popular. The use of nanotechnology is at the top in cities like Chennai and Bangalore as these two cities are at the top in medicine production and IT. Government of India is taking good steps towards the nanotechnology development. To increase the popularity and awareness of this technology, Department of Science and Technology (DoST) in India are doing a very hard work.

DoST have constituted Nano Mission Council. Several major educational organizations are conducted by this council. In South India, most of these institutions are established. Some of the institutes which are top class Research Centre of Nanotechnology are as follows:

1. Anna University

2. IISC- Bangalore

3. Karunya University

4. Sastra University

5. Osmania University

6. Vellore Institute of Technology

Around 38 laboratories in India have been started by CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) which are totally devoted to the research of nanotechnology. These researches are useful in improving the functioning of developed sensors, water filters, more efficiently release of drugs, etc.

It’s already mentioned that nanotechnology has a very bright future in India. Considering the future prospect of nanotechnology in India, an US nanotech company, Nanobiosym Inc. has taken a great decision of opening a Nanotechnology Park in Himachal Pradesh. It will be India’s first incorporated unit.

India is soon going to become a representative in the field of nanotechnology. In India, development of nanotechnology has made a wide effect. This advance technology is used in the tasks like energy production, medicines, high technology electronic items, etc.

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