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Nanotechnology in energy applications

Posted by :levineadam050

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A rigorous research and development in the field of nanotechnology with the ultimate goal of achieving maximum benefits for the betterment of world is worked upon. We have acquired many applications which would help in diverse areas and promise to solve many problems that the man kind is facing at this present scenario.

Nanotechnology has emphasized on the application of making better use of our energy resources both conventional (coal or oil) and renewable energy resources (wind, water, solar).To understand the point we might take an example of the latest nano coated drill probes which allows the developing systems of geothermal and oil and gas reserves to expand their lifespan and become more efficient. Nanotechnology has given us light weighed motor blades for wind and tide energy plants.

“In some areas nanotechnologies may even be a key to success. There is great potential for nanotechnology to help to mitigate the intermittency of renewable energy,” said Dr. Björn P. Moller, project leader of this study at Fraunhofer ISI.

Nanotechnologies will play a vital role in increasing the caliber of solar energy. The invention of Solar Photovoltaics is the area where nano structured materials is contributing at an immense rate. Solar PV panels are a huge success being an alternative source of electricity. Countries like UK, Germany and USA are recommending placing solar panels in remote areas which are far from the reach of electricity grids. With the use of nanotechnology could help increase the efficiency of solar panel and cells by at least 60% by contributing to more effective design.

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Distribution of various forms of energy resources is also a major concern which can be easily managed with various application of nanotechnology. Generally a loss of electric current is observed which is expected to be controlled by replacing the present cables with carbon nano tubes which will save more current during distribution. Furthermore studies are going on to use superconductive materials that will save more electricity.

Conversion of energy info different forms such as electricity also needs much more efficiency to reduce emission of polluting agents. Power plants of high caliber need high efficiency devices, nanoparticles like light weighed titanium aluminides could be used here to make heat resistant turbine blades that could be used in aircrafts and power plants. Applying nanotechnology will affect the economy in a great way, by yielding more energy converting chemical energy. By applying nanoscience applications waste heat of computers, automobiles, can be turned into usable electrical energy.

Nanotechnology could be of great use in storing devices. By implementing the applications the efficiency of storage devices like cells and batteries will increase to a potential standard. In future the growth of hybrid cars and electric vehicles is likely to grow, which may use the application of energy stored batteries.

Nanotechnology opens up a number of ways to save energy in both domestic and commercial sector. To site a few examples we may consider the use of light weight engine component that requires less fuel, tires optimized with nanoparticles gives low rolling resistance.

To conclude, we can say that nanotechnology can make a huge difference in innovating useful devices and application that could help save energy and channelize it’s use in a proper way.

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