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Top 5 new technologies in medicine

Posted by :rogersd923

Top 5 new technologies in medicine

Medicine sector need to improve constantly as it will directly influence the life of people. It will help in treating critical illness and even do painless surgeries. Many people will be benefited from the latest technology in medicine. The ongoing Research and development has given rise to many new projects that could bring a revolution in the medicinal industry.

Listed below are some of the notable technologies that will be very beneficial for buyers and producers as well.

Leadless cardiac pacemaker

When the normal heart beat becomes too slow, concern may arise about the proper functioning of heart. When the heart stops functioning properly a pacemaker is implanted with the help of surgery inside the body of a patient which helps to keep a steady heartbeat. Traditional pacemaker have lead on it, which if broken may infect the body. Considering the risk of using lead pacemakers, manufacturers have developed a new healthcare technology of using leadless pacemaker evolved.

Mobile stroke treatment unit

At every 4 minute a person suffers from stroke. The more the delay the less the chances of living. And often due to lack of time and medical attention most of them have to die. With the; latest inauguration of mobile stroke treatment unit, a huge percentage of people can be saved. This units have special attention care unit with educated nurse, and neuro surgeon on board. The unit will have space for portable medical equipment that can help to attend the patient in critical stage.

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

The latest addition to cancer therapy is the IORT. Earlier the whole part of the breast of a woman has to go through a radiation therapy that had adverse effect on the body. With the help IORT, radiation is applied at the exact place where the tumor was detected. Leaving the full area untouched and unaffected by radiation. It doesn’t leave any side effect on the body and compared to the other radiation therapies it is less expensive.

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

In order to kill the life threatening cancer cells, various therapies like radiation and chemo has been used traditionally. While applying these therapies the natural immune system of the body is harmed and along with it welcoming many other side effects. The latest technology in medicine of immune checkpoint inhibitor is helping to fight cancer in a very efficient way. What it does is actually helping build an immune system to stop any cancer cell to develop again.


Nanotechnology has helped in many ways to develop medical science, amongst the different innovations of nanotechnology one most prominent one is the nanorobots. They are designed in such way that they can detect cancer carrying cells and destroy them. Diagnosing cancer will be much easier giving more scope for early treatment.

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