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Nanotechnology to improve construction industry

Posted by :grahamford557

Do you know that our home produces more pollution than automobiles? Yes, the fact that 40% of the climate polluting gas emission is caused by construction industry was under cover till today. However the consequences of such emission is getting noticed at present. With the help of application of nanotechnology in constructionwe can further see the innovation of new technologies and multifunctioning systems which will consume less power and emit less harmful gas.

To find a remedy to this problem, the renowned research SINTEF Centre is experimenting on nanoparticles and solar cells which can be used as insulators. The head of project leading the research at SINTEF states that a number of ways can be implemented in the building industry to reduce carbon emission, but somehow the industry is relying upon the age old tradition. The research on improving green materials is also at stake because of less financial aid.

Nano aerogel- Thermal insulation is a major part of constructing building especially in cold regions. To find an alternative cost effective solution,with the help of nanotechnology applications a revolutionary materials has been made known as the aerogel.It is becoming more popular day by day as an alternative for insulation in houses, commercial buildings, etc. It said to be 40 times more efficient than the regular fibre glass insulators. They can be used in walls, spacesuits, oil pipes, etc.

Fire protection-One of the useful application of nanotechnology in construction is fireresistant coating. The improved technology has been able to make fire protective glasses which can withstand 1000 degrees of heat for about a 2hour stretch. Additionally they are very light and thin, a nano fire coating is hardly visible with naked eyes. Its better uses include buildings, ships, plane window pane, etc.

Solar panels-Nanotechnology aims to build efficientconstruction materials which will reduce the cost of making as well give protection and save energy. The new trend of building construction is highly preferring the use of solar panels, which helps to conserve energy. The common solar panel available in market are made of silicone , which absorbs 67% of solar energy whereas solar panels made by using nanotechnology applications proved more efficient by absorbing 97% of solar energy. Nano rods were installedto increase solar panel efficiency which can absorb solar energy from any angle, which makes it more efficient.

Environmental advantages-Nano materials made by nanoparticles are expected to serve in saving energy and manufacturing more efficientNano products. The effects of nanotechnology will help to reduce the cost of insulation in building and commercial sectors, also which conserves energy. The nano coatings can increase the life span of materials, self-cleaning coatings will save energy and water. Thus we can say, nanotechnology has many advantages and with the varied nanotechnology applicationslive a better life.

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