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Pioneer of nanorobotics- Adriano Cavalcanti

Posted by :archiemcphee58

Nanotechnology is a well-known term in the field of science and technology. There have been a huge investment of both time and money in nanotechnology research.

This field generally deals with particles at their molecular state, the research and development has opened many useful ways of nanotechnology applications that can be used in different industries such as engineering,construction, medicine, environment, etc.

A very popular discussing topic in the field on nanotechnology today is nanorobots. Talking about nanorobotics, the first name that comes to our mind is of Adriano Cavalcanti, who is regarded as the pioneer of nanorobotics. He is behind designing the architecture of nanorobotic application that has a paramount usage in monitoring environment, cardiac problems, cancer cells, nanosurgery, etc.

What is CAN?

Since the year 2004, CAN or the centre of automation in nanobiotech has been doing researches and developing various devices and application involving nanotechnology. Their core area of researchinvolves production of biosensors, nanorobots applications, and medical devices to treat cancer or diabetes and other such critical illnesses.

The chairman and CEO of CAN (centre for automation in nanobiotech) NPO, Andriano Cavalcanti engineered a new prototype which includes an integrated circuit that can use wireless platform of cell phones and satellite for energy supply. This particular prototype was made for commercial implementation in nanorobots that could leave a positive effect in the field of medicine.


His present work: Adriano Cavalcanti, PhD, and his colleagues in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Campinas in Brazil are working on the Nanorobot Control Design (NCD) which is already been implemented to treat diabetes and coronary disease.

Nanorobotics pioneer Adriano cavalcanti works on nanorobots for brain Aneurysm

Adriano cavalcanti and his team are working on making the virtual 3D simulations which would make it possible for the nanorobots to reach arteries in our brain. With the progress in design of nanorobot control design (NCD) in future we may detect early brain aneurysm.

From their research paper- "To illustrate the proposed approach, the nanorobots must search for protein overexpression signals in order to recognize initial stages of aneurysm. An advanced nanomechatromics simulator, using a three-dimensional task-based environment, is implemented to provide an effective tool for device prototyping and medical instrumentation analysis."

What is a NCD?

NCD is basically a software with server modules that helps the nanobot to run also determines its action, physical condition. It will be able to give a three dimensional view of the environment also store all the data of the nanorobots functioning which could be used later. The motive behind developing such a software is to find out the flaws and scope of improvement in the nanorobot designs.

His achievements:Cavalcanti has played an important role in various research and studies. He has been a part of several important projects aimed at the fast development and implementation of Nanotechnology and Biomolecular Engineering Automation. His concentration is over instrumentation of nanobiotechnology to make innovative solution for nanorobots which can be used for various medicinal purposes. He is also a part of major nanorobots research projects, publishing books on nanorobotics.

Achievements: Members of Nanobiomedicine - InTech, Recent Patents on Nanotechnology - Bentham Science, and WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology - Wiley. He is a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, and IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics. He got the invitation for Swiss National Science Foundation, alongwith Nanomedicine: NBM - Elsevier.


  • ScienceDirect, 2010-Ranked in the 25 Hottest Articles on Materials Science and Nanomedicine.       
  • Recognizing Cutting Edge Robotics, Sage, 2010- Ranked in the 4 Best Articles in Robotics Research
  • IOP Nanotechnology, 2009.-Most Accessed Article on Biology and Medicine 2008/2007
  • Nanotechnology: Article award for novelty, significance and potential impact on future research, 2008.

To know more about him click here:

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