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What Are The Possible Advantages Of Nanorobots In Medicine?

Posted by :archiemcphee58

What Are The Possible Advantages Of Nanorobots In Medicine?

People who are habituated with the term nanotechnology may be quite aware of the discovery of nanorobots. Although the idea of creating such micro robots are still at its development phase and there is time before its launch and use in the real world. The interest keeps growing regarding this matter considering how useful it may be in future.

The miniscule size of the nanorobots will work at the bacteria and virus level, thus it will be of utter importance in the field of medicine. It has the potentiality of making new effective developments in the medicine industry. The most useful part of a nanorobot is that they are so tiny that they can be injected into your body which can float through the circulatory system of the body and help in detecting the problems in a body and treat them.

Nanorobots can be more significant in cancer research, they can be a painless alternative of chemotherapy which is otherwise very stressful. Chemotherapy is a harsh way of treating cancer, they not only target the cancer cells but leaves many side effects throughout the body. Yet science has not been able to discover new alternative to chemotherapy for treating this life threatening disease. Hopefully nanorobot will change the scenario few years later when chemotherapy will be replaced by nanorobot which will be far more efficient.

How a nanorobot does work?

Cancer is a very serious illness it is spread in the body cells, to get cure of this disease, one needs to get rid of the cancer cells.  Even if a single cell happens to remain in the body it have the potential to spread cancer in the affected area and gradually in the whole body. Surgeon are human being and sometime they might be able to work at micro level to remove all the cancer carrying cells, and with the existing cell the cancer may spread even after a successful operation. Here is where nanorobot could be used, they help to detect and cure cancer by killing the nanoscale threatening cells.

It is assumed that the nanobot will be injected in body to detect any harmful agent like cell, or virus in abody and kill it without effecting the other organ or parts of the body. This application of nanotechnology will not only be useful to kill cancer but also in various other serious health issue such as blood clot or artery block, cardiac arrest, etc.

  • Nanorobots in cancer treatment- Cancer cells can spread very fast changing the chemical balance around its surface,   sometime sit becomes too difficult to remove the cancer cells and restore the chemical balance around the damaged tissue, nanorobots can reach the cell very easily and damage the cancer contents restoring chemical balance in the tissues even they can detect any possibilities of cancer cells remains existing in the body.


  • Correcting hormone deficiencies- Certain changes in our hormonal structure becomes the reason for many illnesses to grow in our body, these hormonal changes may not be good for the body. Nanorobots will play a crucial a role in fixing the hormonal changes happening in a body.


  • Heart surgeries- A great Advantages of Nanorobots in Medicineis that it can assist various complex surgery procedure to be performed without any restrictions.


  • Blood related issues- Many blood related issues can become major problem in our body functioning. Impure blood can be the root cause for critical illness to arise, nanorobots can flow into the blood veins detecting any threat to the body.


  • Killing infections- A major advantage of nanorobots is that they can be used to kill infections that takes place in the body and grows without our knowledge. They tend to remain immune from any medication until they come in contact with any cell, thus nanorobots will help destroy the infectious bacteria or virus to spread and harm the body.


Advantages of nanorobots

With the help of nanorobots, we can further understand the complexity of human body and brain. The development will further help in performing painless and noninvasive surgeries. Even the most complicated surgeries will be done with ease. Due to their microscopic features they could surf through the brain cells and generate all the related information required for further studies. Scientist specially will be benefited from this nanotechnology application.

The best part is the nanobot are so small that it is not visible with naked eyes, so they can be injected in a human body very easily. Days in future will be like this when a single shot will cure diseases. We are yet to wait about 20 years before the first nanobot will be made to use.

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