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What are the disadvantages of nanomedicine?

Posted by :oliverstone276

What are the disadvantages of nanomedicine?

Nanotechnology is a quite popular part of science. The fact that nano-sized particles could be treated and combined for better usefulness is very exciting. It will not only make the size of the machine shrink but also help in major cases where size is a restricted problem. In order to learn more about the disadvantages of nanomedicine, we first shall know a little about it.

What is nanomedicine?

It is one of the most important stream of research nowadays in nanotechnology. We can assume from the name that it involves nanoscale particles which helps in treating different diseases and surgeries. Every discovery brings about a revolution, besides the numerous benefits it gives us, there are a number of disadvantages of using these technologies which shouldn’t be ignored. So let us a take deep review on what are the disadvantages of nanomedicine.

Problems before implementation

Different particles at nanoscale may behave differently from what it does in its normal form. Each and every single nanoparticle has different characteristics and a combination of two or more may behave indifferently. Is it stated earlier that human body produces some natural nanoparticle inside our body which effects our health. Considering the fact the naturally born nanoparticle may harm ourselves, it may be possible that the artificially made nanoparticles will be more harmful for us. Thus before the full-fledged implementation shall start, an intense series of testing the features and characteristics of nanomedicine products should be done.

Cost of development

Another reason of concern is the high amount of investment that goes into the research and development of nanotechnology applications. “the global health crisis doesn't stem from a lack of science innovation or medical technologies; the root problem is poverty and inequality. New medical technologies are irrelevant for poor people if they aren't accessible or affordable.” It is expected that the price of nanomedicine or any of its application will be quite expensive and certainly be out of reach for middle class people. The argument always remains whether such huge investment should be made or not other than concentrating on resolving the existing problems. Many tries to bring the global attention towards existing health problems, for example, lack of proper medical facilities for poor, costly medicine, lack of life saving apparatus and medicine. Most of the countries still today are deprived of the basic medicinal facilities, in such a condition, the huge sponsorships and investment are questioned.


Nanomedicine can be used in a negative way, because of their micro size, they can be inserted in anyone’s body and that could be hurting anyone’s privacy. Also the original purpose of the medicine can be misused for other purposes.

Thus we can conclude, although there are many scopes of benefits through nanotechnology applications, the technology must be tested on realistic grounds, whether it will be really helpful to the people or not.


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