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Various uses of nanorobotic application in different field

Posted by :grahamford557

Nanotechnology is one of the popular stream of science, and one of the best approachable application of nanotechnology so far is said to be nanorobotics. These are nanoscale robots which holds great potentialto serve in various fields. Its miniature size makes it possible to sail through various regions quite smoothly be it the human body or somewhere in space surface. Although the concept of nanorobots are still in experimental phase and none of this is being used for real purpose, research is still going on to find how application of nanorobotics in different field would work out.

What is a nanorobots?

With the help of nanotechnology, scientist have created a machine of nanoscale size which is called nanorobots. Their size range from millimeter to centimeter, they are generally used for communication, motion detectors, manipulators, nanorobotics application cover areas of military, medicine, in fields of military, medicine etc. Due to the available resources of high tech equipment and research scope, the invention of such microscopic robots are now a reality. We may witness potential usage of nanorobotic applications in different fields in near future. Let us go through the following points to have a look at varied sector where application of nanorobots are in use:

Nanorobotic in medicine-

Nanotechnology is showing great effective results in human treatment by using nanorobotics application in medicine. Their promise of fast recovery and precise treatment at the same time cost effective solution have great potential to take the medicine industry by storm. Due to their nanoscale features, it can be easily injected to human body to target the exact place from where the disease is spreading. Its core action removes the disease spreading bacteria or infectious cells, without effecting other parts of the body.In case of sugar deficiency or energy loss, energy supplements like glucose can be induced in the body with the help of nanorobots.

Nanorobots in health care-

Nanorobotics has bright future in the field of health care, its huge success in treating critical diseases has made it an useful invention. Nanorobots, being too small to be seen with naked eyes in injected in to human bodies for treating various critical diseases. It also serves purpose like monitoring health issues, and diagnosing any potential harm to the body thus leaving a scope for early treatment. Nanorobots in cancer treatment has gained much positive feedbacks, as compared to the traditional methods of chemotherapy , while damaging the cancer cells, nanorobots works without effecting other parts of the body , thus no signs of side effects are observed. Other noteworthy application of nanorobots are drug delivery to target areas, monitoring diabetes, assisting during surgeries, etc.

Nanorobotic application in space–

Space scientist are usingnano electromechanical systems, or NEMS to use nanorobots in space which could sail through the surface of other planets and collect various data, study the environment and gather useful information of the surface. Small size makes it less vulnerable and together they can form an antenna and sail back to the space Centre or earth directly. Use of solar cells, in the space rockets could be another revolutionary idea. It will help to save a huge amount of fuel used in rocket top travel to space. The solar sails will use sun light to obtain power and serve as fuel. Thus nanorobotic application in space will stand out to be a very cost saving mechanism.

Nanorobotic applications in mechanics-

The application of nano machines may be of great use in future. Especially in industries it may serve great potential as because of their small size they may replace huge machines and save space crunches, also areas where a human engineer may not reach, a nanorobot can easily move in to do the necessary changes.

To conclude we must say that applications of nanorobots have a bright future holding up. Its application may be used in different sectors to gain more productivity and save more time also help medical science to find out cure of life threatening illness like cancer.

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