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Significant nanorobotics applications in medicine to behold in future

Posted by :oliverstone276

Significant nanorobotics applications in medicine to behold in future

The field of nanotechnology is fast advancing. Through its many experiments and research, the Idea of nanorobots involving nanoparticles was initiated. Since then, further research and development has been conducted on this revolutionary concept of nanorobotics. It is hoped that the various application of nanorobots in medicine will help to fight fatal diseases and also bring new ways of treatment. Although the hope of turning these into reality seems a little far, but it holds great potential in future medical science.

Nano Electro Mechanical Systems or NEMS is a technology which has helped in the progress of nanorobotics by applying various manipulations in its nanostructure which led to the development of nanosensors and nanoactuators.These nanorobots has made way for new nanotechnology products like Nanobots, nanites, nanoids or nanomitesby constructing miniscule parts of the devices and assembling them, which is otherwise not possible for human because of its nanoscale size.

There is immense scope for nanorobotics applications in medicine to flourish in future. Listed below are 8 most effective applications which can be of great use in the field of medical science:

Drug delivery- A special nanorobot named as pharmacytes will be implemented in future treatment procedures to cure critical illness like cancer or HIV. They will be very helpful in delivering exact dose of medicine administering the chemicals it includes and deliver it to the targeted part of the body.

Migrating white blood cells- Nanorobots will carry white blood cells to the damaged tissues for repairing the damaged tissues.

Processing of chemical reactions in human body- A specific organ needs to be taken care of in specific way, while healing process may require different doses of chemical. A nanorobot will initiate chemical reactions in the targeted organ which needs attention.

Monitor diabetes-People suffering from diabetes will be benefited by using a nanorobotic applications as it will help to control and keep an eye in the rise and fall of glucose level in the body.

Treating genetic disorders-For years the surgeons are trying to manipulate the DNA structure to cure genetic disorders but has found no results. With the help of nanorobotics applications in medicine, corrections can be made in the DNA structure to fix any genetic disorder.

Treatingatherosclerosis-Atherosclerosis may cause artery blockage, nanorobots may flow into the arteries and clear the blockage to ensure proper blood flow.

Nanorobotics applications in dentistry-Dentistry is a complex genre of medical science, a dentist face many difficulties to operate or perform some basic functions in the mouth area. With the help of nanorobots process of oral anesthesia, alignment of teeth sets, filling gaps, and performing major tooth repairing works could be done with ease.

Diagnosis of various diseases-Nanorobotics applications in medicinehas been proved to be very helpful for health care. It will not only remove the disease spreading cells and bacteria but also detect the source of disease and monitor health functioning which will open an opportunity of early diagnosis and treatment.

To conclude, we can say that application of nanorobotsin medicine will play a vital role in future and help in lot of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to cure critical illnesses.

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  1. rogersd923  - July 23, 2015

    Thanks for sharing such informative article. It seems nanotechnology has a long way to go in the field of medicine and hopefully we will get many benefits from it.

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