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Edge of nanotechnology applications in defense

Posted by :archiemcphee58

Security is the main concern of any country and the first duty of the government is to give ultimate protection to its habitants. For more effective security systems, big heads are using nanotechnology application in defense to find out more useful ways to keep the country safe.

We often come to hear some warlike situation arising in some parts of the world, big nations or some powerful organization trying to take over a country or region. In this situation a lot of weapons are used and a number of military people fight in the field risking their lives.

Every country has their own intelligence department who are continuously working on making effective weapons and intelligence systems to maintain distance from any threat. Nanotechnology in military is playing a crucial role in this sector by incorporating ideas which will take military intelligence and security to higher levels.

Nanotechnology might be given the tag of a game changer in terms of inventing new security devices for defense. The potential of nanotechnology military uses is huge. Understanding the importance of nanotechnology, government has invested huge sum of money in the research and development.The aim of nanotechnology applications in defense is to make effective weapons that promises more security, lightweight materials for soldier uniform that gives maximum protection, cyber security, detecting threats, etc.

Let us go through some of the nanotechnology applications that can bring revolution in defense sector.

Body armor

Nanotechnology has been successful in making a more useful and appropriate body armor for the soldiers using nanomaterial. The soldier suit is generally made of aluminum alloy with a combination of carbon nanotubes which makes it light weight and strong to give maximum protection against any threat. Apart from that it also adapt temperature changes, air pressure, light etc.

Application of nanomaterials

nanotechnology allows to make modification in atomic levels which gives a broader control over the substance. By combining nanomaterials we can achieve effective devices beneficial for military application such as Electronic active-camouflage that could play an important part in defending oneself from enemy attacks in war field. Nanotechnology military body armor used in full- body robotic suits makesthem lightweight yet very strong to resist any big threat. Gravimetric Energy Density (Wh/kg) batteries to reduce the weight of electronic communication devices.

Smart computers

As we are fast approaching towards smaller density application, soon the present computer will be replaced by nanocomputers. Their tiny form can even fit inside a bullet. These minicomputers will save huge space. Nanotechnology in military weaponscan get a new dimension by using these nanocomputers, wireless communication, gathering information about potential threats, even carrying a computer to war fields would become possible now. The best use of nanorobots controlled by mini computers is to gather information and spy around activities in sensitive areas.

Smart weapons

Nanotechnology applications in defense has led to the creation of new weaponry that are more powerful than the conventional ones in use at present. Nanomaterial are combined to make high magnitude explosives,"super-thermite" is one such example made out of Metastable Intermolecular Composite (MIC.). Nanoweapons are the new future of defense sector which speaks volume of the benefits of nanotechnology.The prototype 'Hummingbird' developed by the US DARPA is another example of miniscule weapon which is small as an insect. Also research Is going on to make the invisible cloak taking reference from the popular Harry Potter series, these weapons will be a lot more helpful to deceive the enemies and protect oneself from any threat. Nanotechnology also approaches towards making laser weapons that are far more efficient and less damaging than the conventional missiles.

Thus, we can conclude that nanotechnology applications in defense can change the whole scenario of military applications in near future. With the use of small and intelligent weapons the damage to common people and local places will reduce drastically and field war situation will come under control by using smart weapons.

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  1. archiemcphee58  - July 23, 2015

    I think the armed forces would really benefit in a huge way from nanotechnology. The technology and weapons made out of nano applications can be of great use in defense.

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