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The Many Possibilities of Nano-Bubble Water

Posted by :Cambrian

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Most people have not thought about the possibility of making a new form of water. Nano Bubble Water is an incredible invention with many applications. It was first seen in a NanoTech exhibition in Tokyo where both salt and freshwater fish swam in the same tank. This water can be used to increase the size of animals and to sterilize wastewater. It may even prove useful in curing cancer.


How It Works

Nano bubbles are less than 200 nanometers in diameter. An aerator uses high pressure and temperature to put these bubbles in water. Nano bubbles, being miniscule, have ions that keep the air from leaving the water.



Not only can fresh and saltwater fish survive in the same tank but they also grow exceedingly well with these Nano bubbles. Studies show that this oxygen infused water increases the weight of rainbow trout and sweetfish by an alarming amount. This water also greatly boosts the size of plants and mice. Scientists find that the oxygen fused in the water supply leads to a higher rate of nutrients absorption and higher digestion capabilities. This efficient metabolism allows for more available energy, which is later used for growth.


Ozone Nano bubbles can clean wastewater. There are burgeoning oyster treatment plants in Japan that use this new invention.


Tokyo Medical and Dental University has been doing research on Nano bubbles on cancer cells. In one experiment, Nano bubbles reduced the number of cancer cells by 70% in 24 hours.



Nano water has a tremendous amount of potential and it can be used in many fields of study. So far Japan is taking advantage of this wonderful resource; soon the rest of the world will too.


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