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Top 5 nanotechnology companies that have bright future

Posted by :archiemcphee58

Nanotechnology is a discipline of science which is gaining fast popularity nowadays. Due its huge impact over every aspects of life such as health, arms and military, textiles, etc this technology has certainly been successful to turn a lot of attention towards them. Due to the immense positive prospects, a number of investors are inclining themselves into stocking nanotechnology shares. Looking upon the bright future of Molecular nanotechnology a huge number of companies started showing interest in research and development to find a scope for new invention.

We have summoned a list of top 5 companies who are digging deep into the nanotechnology grounds. Their rigorous research and development has led to many significant development in various industries. We have been able to use nanotechnology products and various other nanotechnologyapplications in our day to day life.

ARCH Therapeutics

ARCH Therapeutics, Inc. is a therapeutic gadget organization adding to an imaginative, rich, and better approach than the fast hemostasis and control of liquid spillage (sealant) amid surgery and injury care. Doctors, industry and patients could advantage significantly from a widespread sealant for the difficulties displayed when an opening is made in the body, whether through surgery, injury, colonoscopy biopsy, gadget implantation. The AC5 Surgical Hemostatic Device™ is intended to give a barrier to releasing substances, including blood and other natural liquids. The whole idea is conducted using nanotechnology applications as the AC5 is made of nanoscale size for easy insertion in the body.

Zyvex technologies

It is another important names that is quite popular in the field of particle nanotechnologydevelopments. Zyvex Technologies spearheaded the improvement of economically accessible nano-designed materials.Zyvex has kept on presenting creative new materials and items to clients of different industries such as aviation, automobile, mechanical and hardware commercial enterprises. Starting in 2005 with the world's first carbon nanotube upgraded items in an association with Easton Sports. It has fueled particle nanotechnology to develop different applications, which are very useful for industries.

Altair nanotechnologies

The altarinano launched the battery technology in the year 2005 and has been working on it since then. Altairnano led its foundation to get rid of the conventional lithium battery, and took a step towards bringing in new technology to make more efficient batteries with good cycle and timetable life, security, power conveyance and capacity to work in great temperatures, energize time. Altainano used nanostructured lithium-titanate to replace the conventional graphite batteries which showed much more prospect in energy storage options.

Nanostring technologies

This name has been a significant one in the medicine industry. They are basically known for developing tools that helps to take out genetic information from tissues. It is given special mention because the tools are believed to be very useful in detecting cancer which is a remarkable development in medical science. The company has been initiating nano manufacturing of useful tools which helps in diagnosing molecular substances existing inside a body.


A special mention goes to nanoink a company who puts its prime focus in nano manufacturing of various application useful for different industries such as engineering, medicine, education etc. They use DPN or Dip Pen Nanolithography a nanofabrication technology which allowsto make nanoscale structures out of any material. They are working in collaboration with some of the best universities in the world and has over 250 patent of nanotechnology applications.

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