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Impact of nanotechnology applications on environment

Posted by :linamay1995

Impact of nanotechnology applications on environment

Nanotechnology has various impact in different field such as military, agriculture, medicine, etc. Similarly nanotechnology has vast impact on our environment as well. Or we can say that applications of nanotechnology or nanomaterial can influence environmental matters in a great way. For example the use of these applications or products used by different industries might affect the ecosystem and its habitants in positive way or vice versa.

Besides helping environment with varied applications of nanotechnology, it also have some adverse effects on it. Here we will concentrate on how molecular nanotechnology may cause danger to our environment through various means.

Over 1000 products are categorized as Nanobased in the whole world, and are available in market today. The number of introducing new products is observed every two to three weeks. Naturally all these products are manufactured in some laboratories of manufacturing units, and as we all know industrial pollution is major concern of environment today Nano waste is adding up to the concern a little more.

Although nanotechnology application is bringing a major difference in our life style it is also contributing to environmental pollution. Implications of nanotechnology is created by nanomaterial which are too tiny to be seen through naked eyes, thus we cannot realize that it is effecting our health and environment gradually.

What is nanopollution?

The term nanopollution refers to the waste created by industries manufacturing nanoproducts or devices. The waste materials if not processed properly may become a potential reason causing damage to the environment. Waste materials of nano manufacturing is left open, they mix with soil, or water. It may affect the ecological balance of living organisms both in land or water, also when the nanoparticles mix with the air we breathe it may cause some health issues to the inhabitant on earth. The effects of nanotechnology on environment and its potential damage has definitely raised a concern among the environmentalist.

A number of companies and journals on nano technologyraised question on nanotechnology on the perspective of creating hazardous effect on environment. For instance, Scrinisput forward their view about nanopollutionthat it is not possible to “precisely predict or control the ecological impacts of the release of these nano-products into the environment.” The statement is likely to be true, as nanoparticles are hard to detect in open state and they can easily mix up with our environment. Another major reason may stand out is the cost of filtering and recycling nanowaste. It is yet to determine whether the nanowaste can be made useful and if yes what would be the cost of processing. These are the two obstructions at present that needs much attention.

Humans are more prone to the implications of nanotechnology, especially in urban areas where automobiles and construction industry is very common. Researchers from all over the world have already started to determine the potential of nanopollution and its long lasting effects of nanotechnology on environment.

Threat to human health

In 1941, an experiment was conducted at Johns Hopkins Hospital where it was observed if nanoparticles are inhaled through nostrils, it can easily reach our brains which can cause a lot of damage.

Nanoparticles are able to surpass immune system that exist in our body which raises a concern that our body would be damaged even before the threat is detected by the immune system.

Scientist at Trinity College has found out that nanoparticles can cause illness like rheumatoid arthritis. In fact their tiny structure makes them able to enter any living cell inside the body. Thus, if our immunity cells phagocytes are constantly filled up by nano particles, it may lose its capability of removing any bacteria or other such harmful agents from our body.

To conclude, we can say that nanotechnology has a booming future and its application are very useful, although we must learn about its harmful effects deeply. Nano molecular manufacturing is increasing at top speed along with new set ups of manufacturing units all over the world. But before we move forward towards embracing technology, we should be concerned about its harmful effects.

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