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Is it time to witness a super volcano at Yellowstone caldera?

Posted by :levineadam050

Yellowstone caldera is located in the Yellowstone national park in United States of America. The caldera was formed due to a number of super volcanic eruptions which took place million years ago. The place has been experiencing seismic tensions in its surrounding areas, along with massive eruptions. Looking upon the situation at this region, one thinks of only one question whether the massive destruction will take place again or something inevitable is going to happen?

Yellowstone volcano was silent for over 200,000 years, but the recent happenings has raised an alarm among researchers and also amongst the habitants residing in the nearby areas. A massive eruption could cost life of million residents thus the only question is, is it time to get ready to face the greatest natural disaster the world has witnessed so far?

It is believed that the Yellowstone region has two layers of magma storage which is larger than it is originally known. After along study and research the University of Utah, the California Institute of Technology and the University of New Mexico have found out that the Yellowstone region has one shallow and one deep magma storage which lies at 5 to 17 kms and 40-50 kms deep respectively.

The huge magma storage could burst out any day soon, if the earth is no more able to keep it holding. Nearly a million of people would be affected by this super volcano and it is believed that a huge climatic change would take place which would push life on earth towards a verge of extinction.

At the recent report on climate changes by ALLANTRA scientists, the situation at Yellowstone national park was discussed. Among the important news what we have accumulated is that the major changes taking place is not publicly announced. By digging deeper, it has come to known that the Yellowstone region and its surrounding are experiencing earthquakes of magnitude less or more than 5.0 on the Richter scale. Tremors were noted in the seismogram in areas such as Montana: Bozeman, Missoula Dillon, Elliston which are at close proximity of Yellowstone national park.

The volcanic activities have raised and is gaining strength in the recent times, and if nature has some destructive plan, then we may soon see super volcanic eruptions to take place. If such eruption takes place the life in the continent will face a major change along with drastic climatic effects.

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