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Nanotechnology applications can make more effective materials for various industries?

Posted by :grahamford557

Nanotechnology has huge impact over various materials used in diverse industries. Applications of nanotechnology are used in products to give them extra strength and a longer life shell. With the help of nanotechnology application we can observe a huge range of improvement in various products that are used in our daily life in large quantity. Nanotechnology has helped to make smart products which are wearable or have reduced the size of products saving space and making it more efficient. It is thus expected that nanotechnology will be the future of technology.


In the following paragraphs we will learn how nanotechnology applications are helping various industries:

Nanotechnology in Medicine

  • Protein filled nanoparticles has the ability to stimulate immune responses these nanoparticle can be used in future consumable vaccines.
  • Nanotechnology application has found new nanoparticle called nanomimics which will stop the malaria spreading parasites to harm other blood cells.
  • An effective and cost saving blood purification system might be in use with the help of Nanofiber mesh containing zeolites, these nanoparticlescan easily absorb the harming agents present in blood.


Nanotechnology in Food

  • Application of nanotechnology in food has successfully produced bio sensors which helps in advanced level of food packaging.
  • A Nanocomposite film is used in food packaging include anti-bacterial agents which helps to keep the food healthy and eatable for a long time.
  • Nanocomposites could help control the gas absorption of different fillers present in products, additionally they can improve the heat and cold resistance properties of the nanoparticles.
  • The nano agents present in the food can recognize any chemical or biological substance present in the food.

Nanotechnology in Electronics

  • Sensors that are made out of silver nanowires might be useful in robotics. . The nanowire sensors can quantify strain and weight, and are sufficiently malleable to work over the scope of movement needed by prosthetics.
  • Antennas made of graphene require less power and could help in communication between nanomachines.


Nanotechnology in Energy Applications

  • Manufacturing solar cells that are known as thermophotovoltaic have much higher energy than the normal solar cells. Carbon nanotubes present in this solar cells absorb more light and converts them into heat. A photonic crystal works to convert the heat energy collected into light energy so that the solar cell can use them.
  • Another application of nanotechnology used is the cobalt oxide. These nanoparticles are work as photocatalyst which helps to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water by using light. Although they are experimenting stage, it is likely to become a very good product in near future.


Thus, we can conclude that applications of nanotechnology can help in various sectors to improve the products and make it more useful for various industries.

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