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The Liquid 3D Printer

Posted by :Cambrian

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Introduced by Joseph DeSimone in a recent Ted Talk, this 3D printer (inspired by Terminator 2) is not only more structurally stable than its competitors, it is 25-100x faster at printing.


How It Works:

Typical 3D printers work by layering 2D printing. The printers take many hours to complete a product that is mechanically weak due to the layering process. These printers leave waste and work with limited types of materials. Joseph DeSimone intends to solve these issues which prevent 3D printers from being used in manufacturing. His method is called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP). It refers to balancing light and oxygen to grow parts, light to turn liquids to solids, oxygen to manage that process. A reservoir contains a liquid substance and a stage rises from it to pull out the object. A projector underneath controls light and oxygen. The product has a structure with a molecularly smooth surface. This printer has parts that can be measured in micrometers. The level is not quite in the Nano level but here we see the same effects where structure greatly determines the properties of the material.



The liquid 3D printer is an incredible device that has many applications. If you want to see the Ted Talk, check the link:


photo courtesy of Tomorrow Daily

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