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Nanotechnology to help fight heart attack caused by blood clots

Posted by :ruchiahuja60

By applying nanotechnology applications the risk of heart attacks or stroke can be reduced which are often caused by blood clots. 

A very useful method applied with the help of nanotechnology application in medicine can bring about a major change in the field of medicine.

What is a blood clot?

Blood clots are formed when an injury takes place, in a way they are beneficial as they help to stop excessive bleeding. However, a blood clot in sensitive areas such as the lungs or brain can cause a lot of trouble and may lead to serious health troubles such as heart attack or stroke.

Effects of blood clot on human health

Besides the benefit of creating a blockage in the path of bleeding, blood clots may have some adverse health effects as well. For instance, a blood clot in lung area might cause severe chest pain, uneasiness in the upper body area, and which might be symptoms of a heart attack. Blood clots in the brain can lead to stroke and full body paralysis.

To fight the consequences of blood clot, nanotechnology has found a better solution.  By using applications of nanotechnology in medicine, the adverse effect of blood clots can be reduced or find a way to put an end to it.

How nanotechnology deals with blood clots?

Researchers have come up with a device, which is a nanoparticle to be exact, that can flow through the blood vessels easily. This nanoparticle is inbuilt with clot destroying agents, the outer body of the nanoparticle carries an antibody with it which finds its target- platelets or the clot forming cells. They take the shape of nanocapsules which reaches the blood clot. The nanoparticle breaks the wall of the nanocapsule which helps to release the drug that is carried inside it which finally removes the blood clot and makes way for smooth blood flow in the vessels.

Benefits of this nanotechnology device

Well, various applications of nanotechnology have always helped in different fields in many ways, and now it has come up with a life-saving plan for different living beings.

Thousands of people get admitted to hospitals every single year for heart related disease, some of them don’t even reach the hospital and dies on the way to receive proper treatment.

Fast treatment- With the help of the nanodevice, a patient who suffered a heart attack or stroke can be given immediate treatment. This is so easy to apply that an administrator or nurse can just give the patient the treatment and reduce the risk of death. Which makes the application of nanotechnology in medicine really useful when proper treatment is far away or cannot be reached instantly. Lead researcher Professor Hagemeyer said, “This can be given in the ambulance straight away so you really save a lot of time and restore the blood flow to the critical organs much faster than currently possible.”

Less life risk- As the nanodevice can be applied to the patient, even inside ambulance, the life risk is reduced to a great extent. Majority of patients who had a heart attack lost their lives because they were unable to reach a hospital or couldn’t receive proper treatment on time. With the help of nanodevice one doesn’t have to wait for long, as the treatment can be started right inside an ambulance.

In spite of the fact that the nanodevice has been on trials, it has been effectively tried on animals and has obtained satisfactory results. The clot blasting system will be soon connected to people and trust the use of nanotechnology to gain achievement in the field of medicine and save numerous lives.

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