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How nanotechnology can help transform medicinal facilities?

Posted by :samanthakahn

The advancement in the field of nanotechnology has shown positive vibes of transforming the treating methodologies from a lot earlier. Nanotechnology is a stream of science which involves nanoparticles of atoms and molecules, and making changes to their nanostructure. By using the various applications of nanotechnology at cellular levels, various technologies can be introduced that will benefit the medicine industry.

Nanotechnology applications will help living being in various ways, amongst them the most useful would be to treat life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV and the other would be helping to live a healthy disease free life.

Nanotechnology can make changes in the cellular structure in the body, removing the cells, which can damage crucial parts of a body. When nanotechnology applications can remove the minuscule parts which can harm the body, our life span will automatically increase and we will start to live a healthier life.

A number of researches are going on to make nanotechnologies better and prove efficient to kill life threatening diseases.

Nanoparticles that aids in the treatment:

Gold nanorods-

Gold nanorods are nanoscale particles which are left to circulate through the human blood stream, they gather around the cancer cells or where the tumor has formed. With the help of an infrared light the gold nanorod concentrates the heat over the tumor cells, damaging every bit of it without harming the other surrounding cells.

Magnetic nanoparticles-

These nanoparticles can also help in removing tumor cells being present in the bloodstream. In fact they help to stop any new growth of tumor cells.


These tiny nanosize robots are another useful applications of nanotechnology in medicine that can help fight diseases like cancer, HIV, diabetes, etc.

Nanoscale 3d printer-

Nano 3d printers can help build new DNA structure at nano level, which can replace any defected DNA structure. Especially if a person is suffering from genetic problems, with the help of a totally new DNA gene structure the disease can be removed from the body.

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  1. levineadam050  - August 31, 2015

    If Nanotechnology can make changes in the cellular structure in the body to help us cure some deadly diseases then it will be a huge plus for nanotechnology.

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