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Can nanotechnology help manufacture foldable glass

Posted by :ruchiahuja60

You can fold a glass made with the help of nanotechnology

Glass is a very fragile material which cannot be folded or turned into different shapes just using your hands. The concept of thin glasses has already been implemented in case of making curved television and other uses, but have you come across the technology that manufactures a glass that is totally foldable? Well, thanks to nanotechnology in future we can have glasses which can be folded without breaking, making it more flexible.

Foldable Glass? How?

Glasses, whenever used, are taken good care of, so that it doesn’t break, let alone comes in mind folding them. Researchers and studies are going on and it hopes to promise very soon to start the production of foldable glass. We have witnessed foldable products that were made with the help of nanotechnology applications, for example, foldable lion batteries or foldable solar cells.

The popular daily published an edition ("Glass and Plastics Platforms for Foldable Electronics and Displays")which says about how ultrathin substrates can be used for various devices. They can be folded and made in different shapes to fit the purpose.

Dahl-Young Khang, an Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Yonsei University and his team are working on glass and plastics substrates which can be folded a number of times without causing any damage to the device or deteriorating the device’s performances.

One of the best advantages of this device is, the conventional material can be used directly without any aid of novel materials such as nanowires, carbon nanotubes. In fact the very brittle conducting oxide can be used at the foldable glass platform.

The designing of these platforms has been conceptualised referring to the folding mats and oriental folding screens that have very thin regions. The glasses can be folded in dual direction so we can make it sizes 1/4th of what its original size is.

Foldable Glass for smartphones!

The dual folding advantage can be a big help for small handy devices, which will help to make the product small in size and easy to carry. Batteries, displays, detectors all these can be used then folded when not in use, again expanded when needs to be used.

By using this nanotechnology we may come across future folding houses, that would be space saving. Studies are going on foldable devices. We hope that nanotechnology will bring us foldable products very soon.

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