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Nanoparticles find way to heal burn wounds faster

Posted by :oliverstone276

Nanotechnology helps to heal burn wounds faster

Skin burns are a common health concern in the whole world; in USA alone 486000 patients get treatment for burn wounds every year. Nanotechnology has come up with great treatment application that helps in healing faster than natural process.

Burns may be caused due to different reason, fire injuries, hot water, etc; if it is not treated properly these wounds may become worse leaving little scope for improving the burnt area. The research is still an ongoing process but the hopes are high and the probability of positive result also seems on the higher side.

Better than traditional ways to heal burns with nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has already found ways to fight cancer other such life threatening disease. Earlier treatment procedures like cell therapy and tissue engineering were but with the help of technology today the process of treating has outreached the old traditional ways. These process are very slow wouldn’t be much effective until and unless they are implemented immediately.

Researchers and scientist from Albert Einstein College of medicine have found an enzyme which is called the FL2. It belongs to the family of protein and is said to be very effective in healing various kinds of injuries and wounds. This basically helps cells to migrate while healing the wound.

They speculated that restraining FL2 would expand normal recovery. After the experiments were tested on human, the object of experimenting became mice. The principle instrument they utilized was suppressing the RNA. To audit, proteins are delivered when ribosomes deciphers flag-bearer RNA, and delivery person RNA is translated from the genome. Hushing RNA is integral to envoy RNA and obstructs its interpretation into a protein.

When they had RNA that word obstructing the generation of FL2, they next expected to get it into cells. Only an irregular string of RNA would rapidly be corrupted by the phone. To conquer this they epitomized their RNA in small gel nanoparticles. Such nanoparticles have already been utilized to convey biomolecules into cells.

Nanoparticles can heal our everyday wounds

By using these nanoparticles, the rate of healing wounds and burns were more than double. The reconstructing of the injured area was not only fast but silencing the enzyme by human technology rather than natural process doesn’t seem to affect the outcome at all. The normal collagen and hair follicles were developed in normal way from the enhanced healed area. Thus we can see how implementing nanotechnology can help healing everyday wounds.

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  1. levineadam050  - August 31, 2015

    It is very good to see that nanotechnology has come up with an idea that can help cure skin burns And will be looking forward to see more new discovery's from nanotechnology on medicine industry.

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