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Where nanoparticles are used in daily use products?

Posted by :oliverstone276

Nanotechnology is an emerging science gaining strong ground in research and studies. One of the most used applications in nanotechnology is the use of nanoparticle. A nanometer is the one billionth portion of a meter (0.000 000 001m).

Nanoparticles are used in many things. Nanoparticles of any materials show different features of their larger form in any material. On a larger scale, they can be weak, whereas in nano form they are much stronger. The reason being surface area and volume ratio in nanoparticles the ration is huge, atoms that are in the center tends to be less reactive than those present in the surface hence a larger surface ensures more reactive nature of the nanoparticles.

Various uses of nanoparticle in different sectors

Nanoparticles are used in many products nowadays, they make the products more effective or useable. For example glasses that are scratch proof, coating on wall to repel paint, self-cleaning windows and solar cell coatings, etc. The advantage of using nanoparticles is that they make the product lightweight and more durable. Even they have the exact same chemical composition, particles when in nanosize can show different features from the large size particles. For example antimony- tin oxide nanoparticles used for scratch resistance gives transparent protection from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun, which is otherwise not possible with larger sized particles. Large sized titanium oxide are transparent whereas nano sized titanium oxide are not.

In automobile industry- Nanotechnology has proved to be very useful in the automobile industry by discovering many new applications for road safety and other useful devices. Nanoparticles has been used to in tyres as fillers which helps in a strong grip to the road which is crucial wet conditions. Steel improved by using nanoparticles can add stiffness to the automobile’s body. Ultra-thin layers of nanoparticle are used in window panes which are dust free and ice-free.

In food industry-Nanoparticles can be used in food production, processing of food and also in packaging of food. Nanotechnology can help in extending the food life sustaining the quality of food. A nanocomposite coating on the food packaging would have anti-bacterial agents which would help to decrease the formation of gas which would damage the freshness of food. Nanoparticle can also detect the chemical changes taking place in the food.

Health risk- Nanoparticles may be used in many nanotechnology applications, but it also has some adverse effects. Nanoparticle emitted from different industries are not filtered properly, thus contain many harmful agents which can cause severe health effects due to prolong exposure.

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  1. samanthakahn  - September 14, 2015

    Good news that nanotechnology is discovering more new things that can help in our daily life. There is no doubt that its great thing from nanotechnology that there doing this kind of research but my real question is can nanotechnology make this product in reseanoble price so normal people can use this product.

  1. oliverstone276  - September 14, 2015

    Reasonable or not that would depend on the companies and government who are creating the product and marketing it.

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