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Nanotechnology - Question bank

Posted by :smitholivia335

SHORT QUESTIONS on Nanotechnology

1)     What do you mean by NANO?

2)     Define NANO TECHNOLOGY?

3)     Define NANO SCIENCE?

4)     What is the difference between NANO SCIENCE & NANO TECHNOLOGY?

5)     When and where FEYNMAN delivered his lecture on nanotechnology and what is the name of his classical lecture?

6)     Give Moore’s I law & II law?

7)     Define top down and bottom up approach?

8)     Give any two salient points addressed by Feynman?

9)     Define nano structured material?

10)Classify nanomaterials and give examples for them?

11)Classify nanocomposites?

12)List any four day to day live commercial applications of nanotechnology?

13)Write down any four challenges that are faced by researchers in nanotechnology?

14)What do you mean by quantum dots & nanocrystals?

15)List any four processes to produce nanopowders?

16)What is the name of Pentium-IV processor launched by INTEL in 2004, based on 90nm technology?

17)What is the diameter of a bucky ball? How many pentagons and hexagons are there in a bucky ball?

18)What for MEMS stands for?

19)What are the types of carbon nanotubes?

20)What are the induced effects due to increase in surface area of nanoparticles?

21)Define carbon nanotube?

22)Define bucky ball?

23)Define nanocomposite? What are the types of nanocomposites?

24)List methods for producing bucky balls?

25)List methods for producing carbon nanotubes?

26)List any two applications of bucky balls and carbon nanotubes?

27)List any four material characterization techniques?

28)Give any two excellent properties of carbon nanotubes?

29)What do you mean by characterization in relation with materials?

30)What is the difference between SEM & TEM?

31)What is the difference between STM & AFM?

32)What do you mean by elastic scattering and inelastic scattering of electrons?

33)What do you mean by primary, secondary, backscattered electrons in relation with SEM?

34)Why C-60 molecules are called as bucky balls? Give reasons?

35)Define lithography?

36)Give examples for special nanomaterials? Why they named as special nanomaterials?

37)What are the types of MEMS?

38)What do you mean by thermal MEMS?

39)Why develop nanotechnology?

40) Why is nanotechnology an important tool for cancer research?

41) Are there any safety or environmental issues with the nanotechnologies in use today?

QUESTION BANK of Nanotechnology

BIG QUESTIONS on Nanotechnology


1)     a) “Nanotechnology is new, but research on nanometer scale is not new at

                 all.” Write a short paragraph supporting this statement?

b) What are the mile stones in the evolution of nanotechnology?

      2) “One nanometer is a magical point on the dimension scale.” Why? Explain?

3)     what are the salient points addressed by Feynman in his lecture “ there is  plenty of room at the bottom”?

4)     a) What is the difference between nanotechnology & nanoscience?

b) Give Moore’s first law & second law?

      5) a) What are the challenges faced by researchers in nanotechnology?

          b) Why [surface area/volume] ratio is very large for nanoparticles

              compared to bulk materials? Explain with a simple example? Highlight

              any two problems associated with increase in surface area?

6)     Explain the role of bottom up & top down approaches in nanotechnology? 


7)     What are the causes of intrest in nanomaterials? Explain?

8)     a) Briefly narrate the history of nanomaterials?

b) Give some present and future applications of nanomaterials?

      9) a) Define  nanomaterial? Give classification of nanomaterials?

           b) What are the fundamental and future issues to be considered for the   development of nanomaterials? 


10) a) What are the advantages and disadvantages in mechanical synthesis  of nanopowders?

        b) What are the characteristics of nanoparticles that should posses by any fabrication technique?

11) With a neat skech, explain mechanical milling process for synthesis of  nano particles? List advantages and disadvantages also?

12)list any four bottom up approaches for synthesis of nanopowders and explain any one of them in detail?

13)Explain gas condensation process for synthesis of nanopowders with a neat sketch?

14) Explain vapor condensation process for synthesis of nanopowders with a neat sketch?

15) Explain laser ablation process for synthesis of nanopowders with a neat sketch?

16)a) What are the differences between top down approach and bottom up approach in synthesis of nanopowders?

b) What are the differences between gas condensation process and vapor condensation process employed for synthesis of nanopowders?

      17) Explain SOL-GEL synthesis for producing nanomaterials? Explain with the help of a neat sketch? 


18) a) Define carbon nanotube? What are the types of carbon nanotubes?

           Highlight the properties of carbon nanotubes?

       b) List the the methods for producing carbon nanotubes and explain any of the method with a neat sketch?

19) Explain the working of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with a neat  sketch?

20)How do you characterize a material with transmission electron       microscope (TEM) with a neat sketch?

21) Explain the working of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) with a neat  sketch?

22) Explain the working of atomic force microscopy (AFM) with a neat  sketch?

23) Explain the working of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) with a neat sketch?

24) Explain XRD technique for material characterization?

25) a) Define a bucky ball?  What are the methods for producing bucky balls?

 b) Explain the more popular method for producing bucky balls with a neat  sketch?

26) a) Define nanocomposite? Classify nanocomposites?

 b) Write a brief note over the preparation of  nanocomposites?

      27) a) Highlight the properties of bucky balls? Give applications of bucky  balls?

            b) Explain the synthesis of polymer nanocomposites? 


28) a) Write a short note on microfabrication?

b) Define MEMS? What are the types and applications of MEMS?

      29) a) Write a short notes on nanofabrication?

             b) What are the applications of MEMS?

       30) Explain photolithography with a neat sketch?

       31) Explain Electron beam lithography with a neat sketch?

       32) Explain atomic beam lithography with a neat sketch?

       33) What are the methods available for fabrication of MEMS? Explain?

       34) Explain cantilever sensors (mechanical mems) with a neat sketch?

       35) Explain the working of magnetic actuator (magnetic mems) with a neat  sketch?

       36) Write a short note on thermal mems and thermal actuators?

       37) Explain working of MEMS gyroscope with a neat sketch?

       38) Explain Mechanical actuator used in mechanical mems?

       39) Explain a) acoustic mems b) mems gyroscopes 





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  1. ruchiahuja60  - September 14, 2015

    Wow interesting to see such a new kind of post that only includes Question. Really all the question are very useful but to me the most confusing question is the difference between nanotechnology and nano science.

  1. admin  - September 14, 2015

    Nanoscience is the study of objects with size less than hundred nanometers at least in one dimension. Nanotechnology is engineering the nanoscale objects at molecular level using different techniques.

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