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How nanotechnology applications give rise to nano-food?

Posted by :admin

Nanotechnology is the emerging part of science. And we have witnessed some great interesting innovations with the help of nanotechnology applications. In this article we shall learn about the nanofood. As we all know nano particles are one billionth of a meter, they are a size of a virus or can be used as protein or antibodies and bring about some great changes in human health. A nanoparticle can fit in one blood cell, thus you can imagine how effective can be just using a small space.

Use of nanotechnology in nanofood

Using nanotechnology to make nanofood can also bring about a lot of changes in food production and be beneficial for humans. Nanoparticles included in food can enhance the quality of food, make it tastier or low fat, and can serve many other such purposes. With the help of nanotechnology one can infuse vitamins and proteins in the food which is low in nutrients. Nanofood consumed in less quantity can be as effective as when food consumed in larger quantities.

Nanotechnology applications applied to food production can help build smart containers by minimizing the use of plastics. Additionally, include smart sensors which would detect the condition of food, whether it’s eatable or not. One of the best examples of food industry using nanotechnology from the very beginning is the making of mayonnaise. Preparing mayonnaise needs the mixture of water and oil, which happens at the nanolevel. Now researchers are on the verge of developing ways to give new texture and taste to the tiny droplets present in mayonnaise also will reduce the fat percentage by 40%.

The normal size of a salt grain will become a million times smaller with the help of nanotechnology. Its tiny salt particles will have the same taste, one will need less amount of salt in their food for enhanced taste. It is good for people who have high blood pressure and wants to minimize their salt intake.

Nanotechnology used in making beer bottles helps it get rid of molecules that makes it harder for carbon dioxide to escape. Also making no way for the oxygen to escape, which deteriorates the taste of beer.

We may witness in near future food packaging products made with the help of nanotechnology application which would be able to change color if it detects the food is spoiled.

Should you eat nanofood?

Nanotechnology application will contribute a lot food technology recently and in the near future. The main purpose of nanotechnology is to infuse proteins and vitamins in food which we consume on a daily basis, for example bread. "We're working to make nano-based iron supplements that are safe and side-effect free," said Jonathan Powell, head of biomineral research at the Medical Research Council's Human Nutrition Research centre in Cambridge, UK. Making of supplements which can get easily dissolve in the body or get inside the complicated areas inside the body. All these can be done with the help of nanotechnology.

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