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Nanotechnology in LED lights - new Invention

Posted by :kerirussell

Nanotechnology has found out many applications to improve quality of existing products. Such a product is LED lights.

The use of these lights is immense nowadays. Apart from being used as decorating lights in various events they are also used in various devices such as mobile phones, electronics, etc. With the help of nanotechnology, scientist has come with ways to improve the performance of leading lights and making them more efficient.

Princeton University has been working on a research which would help to increase the brightness and efficiency of the LED lights. Led lights, although a little more expensive than the normal lights, are becoming more popular day by day.


From another scientist

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The research, headed by Stephen Chou, professor of electrical engineering stream, used a nanoscale structure to increase the brightness and efficiency of the LED lights made out of organic materials by 57%. They believe that the result will be same in case of LED lights made out of inorganic materials.

Apart from making the LED lights brighter and efficient, the led panel used in television and other devices will increase in efficiency by 400% which is a lot more than the original output.

In a journal published on august 19, the team of researchers described their work, describing the technique that can alter the light to a nanoscale which is much smaller than the single wavelength.

"New nanotechnology can change the rules of the ways we manipulate light. We can use this to make devices with unprecedented performance. said Chou.

Light emitting diode or led, emits light when an electrical system is passed through it. They are far better than fluorescent lights as they have a longer life span, and are easily installed in devices that is portable.

The big challenge in making Led more efficient is to bring out the trapped light on the device. Most of the light is trapped inside the structure of the LED. In fact, only 2-4% of the light a led generates comes out, whereas the other percentage is trapped inside, this trapped light makes the led inefficient and decreases their health.

The researchers are working to sort this problem by building a nanotechnology structure called as PlaCSH (plasmonic cavity with subwavelength hole-array). It is said to give out the desired result because of the nanoscale metallic structure can alter the light wave; length in a more easy way. Increasing the amount of light generated. It has material that emits light at larger scale hence making the light more efficient and bright.

The cost of making these nanomaterials is also very cheap thus the lights will be inexpensive as well.

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