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How nanotechnology can help human bodies?

Posted by :rogersd923

The main aim of nanotechnology is to achieve the power to manipulate atoms and molecules present in
human beings.

Similarly, human being is composed of such atoms and molecules which, if able to be manipulated at the molecular level can bring a huge change in their health. It will help a lot to improve
quality of life and also the immunity of a body to fight life threatening diseases. Not only this nanotechnology in humans will bring about changes in their capabilities, increase IQ levels, etc. This enhancement in a person’s life could definitely help but throw questions in regards.

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Repair body

With the help of nanotechnology in humans, a number of possibilities will open.

With nanotechnology application, we will be able to repair our bodies or treat any severe wound caused due to any accident. This is really helpful as a person who is crippled or disabled due to severe injuries can walk or become able again to work. People who are getting older can get a hope to become a little younger than their original age. Nanotechnology applications can help reduce acute pain, remove any disease from the body.

Increase memory and intelligence

According to some nanotechnology research one can improve their memory, intelligence, and many more. They can actually raise a question as the experiment is going beyond what is natural and manipulating natural skills. Type of supplements to increase the natural strengths of human has already been innovated in forms of steroids and other such medications.

Plastic surgery

Another way that nanotechnology will bring about a huge change in human life is by improving the methods of plastic surgery. It will not only help people who seriously needs some reconstruction, but people who needs to make themselves more beautiful.

The debate

The debate regarding whether nanotechnology could help bring more disadvantages is a topic of great
debate nowadays. Where nanotechnology can increase your mental condition, a section of people thinks its injustice to the ones who are already possessed great intellectual skills.

Although nanotechnology is improving at a great rate, and it has been successful in innovating new applications for the betterment of humans. It is challenging the law of nature, which is a big debatable topic.

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  1. archiemcphee58  - September 29, 2015

    This is really impressive, didnt new that nanotechnology could also help in human bodies to. The post is very good and will be looking forward to see more on this topic.

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