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How silver in nanotechnology can help human beings?

Posted by :rogersd923

Silver is quite known for its therapeutic nature. Hence nanotechnology decided to use this element in its nano form to help people use its   It helps to fight many diseases and aids in clearing bacteria. It is used to treat burn wounds, anti-bacteria, and killing the germs which tend to grow immune against traditional antibodies that are present inside the body.

Uses of silver in nanotechnology

These nanoparticles can be found in many products to ensure bacteria free use. Some of the products are cutting boards, yoga mats, and shirts. The number of products is launched in the market with the help of nanotechnology with the help of nanotechnology applications, nano silver particles to be used in various products.

Although we know that silver nano particles have some wide advantages, but they have some adverse effects too.  The huge uses of silver nano particles may bring about health effects as well as environmental concerns if used in huge quantities, there actual side effects are yet to be discovered by scientist.

Characteristics of silver nano

  • They can easily dissolve in other solutions
  • They are not poisonous
  • It is non-allergic thus it is safe to be used in products that will have a physical contact
  • Upon using nano silver you may get results quite fast. They don’t need much time to start showing results.

Uses of nanotechnology today

Although we can see some beneficial uses of silver in daily lives, there is some limitation of silver particles. They seem to become dark in color when the temperature is high and secondly, they are high in cost. This problem was sorted out with the help of nanotechnology.

By using a nanotechnology application in silver, the silver nanoparticles will combine with the existing bacteria in the body which will deactivate the bacteria.

Nanosilver is used in coatings in different materials such as metals, woods, ceramics, etc. Nanotechnology has helped to make tiny particles of silver, which are uniformly distributed over the coating, it enables the silver to give better protection against bacteria.

"It's the most sustainable and by now the most researched and safest based technology on the market," said Carlo Centonze, CEO of the Swiss company HeiQ

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