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How nanotechnology can help in water treatment?

Posted by :archiemcphee58

Nanotechnology is one of the most improving technologies that we are experiencing right now. It has lots of benefits and especially in developing countries, many problems can be sorted out with the help of nanotechnology applications such as water treatment in developing countries, technology, computer proficiency, etc.

A larger portion of the world is not developed, yet, a great percentage of people lack access to pure water. Due to consumption of unfiltered water, water, diseases take away the lives of around 2 million people each day. The data are more heartbreaking in rural areas of underdeveloped countries such as Africa, Cambodia, Somalia, etc.

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Nanotechnology can enter these countries with an effective solution to remove water borne diseases and introduce some effective ways so that the living beings can have access to purified water. With the help of nanotechnology applications, the inexpensive water treatment solution will be available, along with it will help in detoxification, reduce salinity, and remove bacteria from water.

How nanotechnology is helping?

Scientists have invented nanofilters which contain intelligent membranes that are specifically made to detect bacteria present in water. Some nanoparticles like Nanoporous zeolites, Nanoporous polymers, attapulgite clays can also be used for water purification. Magnetic nanoparticles, which is also known as “Nanomagnets” or magnetic “Nanopheres” when coated with compounds which have the ability to detect any substance that is toxic, or impure component present in the water.

Some Brazilian researchers have recently developed supermagnetic nanoparticles that are coated with polymers, these particles are in dust form which can be spread throughout easily. What they will do is, find out the pollutant present in the liquid, then connect with it so that its magnetic power can pull the pollutant out of the water. Due to their nano size almost every pollutant will fall under the filtrate and thus resulting into 100% filtration of the water. Not only this, to make the process usable a few more times, to reduce the cost, the nanomagnetic particles can be separated from the pollutants. Through this the nanoparticles can be used more times.

Thus, we can see how nanotechnology is helping to sort out water problems in most of the countries. These applications of nanotechnology are low in cost, effective and gives 100% assurance to cure the bacteria.

By taking help from nanotechnology a lot of countries, especially besides the already developed countries the undeveloped or the developing countries will be benefited in a great way.

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  1. ruchiahuja60  - October 07, 2015

    Good to know that nano technology also can help in water treatment but how can nanotechnology help those people who are in the rural parts of the world.

    • oliverstone276  - October 07, 2015

      That is not nanotech to decide or do, it is about the companies who will be using this technology

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