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Nanotechnology applications in food to increase nutrient value

Posted by :kerirussell

Nanotechnology, the science that deals with nanosize particles, has great potential to bring a new revolution in food industry.


A number of nanotechnology application proves to be very useful in detecting pathogens and bacteria, delivering vitamins and nutrients to the target areas, improved food packaging to increase the shelf life of food, etc. The applications of nanotechnology in food, promises to enhance the food safety and nutrient value of foods by using various nanoparticles. Nanotechnology has given new advanced application in the food industry which are cost effective and technologically sound. We can witness a nanotechnology products in the market at present and due to the increase in these types of products certain nanotechnology food laws and regulations are also being amended to counter the potential risks.


Nanotechnology involves manipulating things which ranges between the size of 1 to 100 nanometers. Food is generally composed of particles that are of nanometer scale, thus the processed nanoparticles are easy to implement in the products due to same features and characteristics. These nanoparticles are well efficient to perform together as a unit to carry on the transfer of nutrient particles in food products as well as for use in other industries as well.


Nanotechnology in food has worked on vitamins and other nutrient particles in order to increase their potentiality of targeting human systems so that all the necessary nutrients are rightfully absorbed by human bodies. Nanoparticles increase the duration of food life in the human body by decreasing the clearance mechanisms, the longer stay of food materials in the gastronomical tract further enhances the ability of nutrients to be delivered and absorbed by the body in a more efficient manner.


Nanomaterials are able to enhance strength and reactive features due to its large surface area, it is especially required in food and food packaging products. Application of nanotechnology in food helps in establishing advanced food safety methods and protection against bacteria as well. Food packaging made with the help of nanotechnology offers food safety by preventing gas penetration and bacteria to enter the food, also protects the food against packet leakage, etc. Silver nanoparticles have special antibacterial properties which are used in food packaging made with the help of nanotechnology applications.


In an experiment, it is found that silver nanoparticles are able to reduce 98% of bacterial growth in food in 24 hours.


The advantages of nanotechnology applications in food seem to be uncountable, we have already witnessed a number of applications of nanotechnology showing promising results in enhancing food quality and ensure food safety for a long time. Nanotechnology uses other foreign particles to make sure the food is not invaded by bacterias and pathogens. But we are still not sure if these foreign nanoparticles will leave any bad effect on the food or not. Thus, before using various applications of nanotechnology in food we must make sure it is not harmful for consumers.

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