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Disadvantages of nanotechnology applications in medicine

Posted by :linamay1995

Nanomedicine is completely new genre and very little data actually exists regarding this genre. We are yet to see a complete implementation of nanomedicine, to be on the safe side, we should say that it is still in experimental stage. Due to less knowledge about the disadvantages of nanomedicine we cannot confidently say what are the health risks of nanotechnology, but we can adhere certainly that nanoparticle can enter our body in many ways which may create reasons to worry a lot.


Particular health risks of nanotechnology applications are still unknown, but researchers are gradually putting up theories to prove that nanotechnology poses many threats to human health as well as the environment. Here we will go through some of the bad effects of nanotechnology.


Disadvantages of nanotechnology in medicine


Health effect


Elements that are microscopic poses greater threat to the human body than other elements which are easily visible with naked eyes. Each nanoparticle have different qualities and features, thus their effect also differ and thus might prove very dangerous to human health. Infact, many studies say that some nanoparticles grow naturally in our bodies which also has some short and long term health risks. So it is safe to say that if the naturally grown nanoparticles can leave some health effects the artificially engineered nanoparticles have a great possibility of threatening human health.


It allows us to think that the implementation of nanomedicine should go through the phase of rigorous testing to learn about the disadvantages of nanotechnology.





Apart from the usual health effects one may experience from the nanoparticles, they are also very expensive. In the report presented by ETC group, Nanotech Rx, “the global health crisis doesn't stem from a lack of science innovation or medical technologies; the root problem is poverty and inequality. New medical technologies are irrelevant for poor people if they aren't accessible or affordable.”


Nanotechnology application will be out of reach for average middle class human initially, which raises a question whether nanotechnology should focus on improving the technology in a better way or should it concentrate on improving medical facilities for poor and developing countries. The following idea is certainly right: “access to clean water could make a greater contribution to global health than any single medical intervention.”


Rather than investing in new and advanced nanotechnology application, it should first start fixing the existing problems, like availability of medicine to the poors, easy and cost effective diagnosis solutions. It will cater to the needs of the majority who are in need of basic medical facilities.


Security and privacy


Another disadvantage of nanotechnology in medicine is the use of nanomedicine in a malicious way. The proposed technology and applications can be used in a way which is not intended originally thus posing dangerous threat to human beings. Thus bringing in the issue of privacy and security, people can misuse nanotechnology for other purposes. Due the nanosize properties one can easily deceive people and take advantage.


For example, nano monitors can be injected in human bodies for monitoring whereabout without their consent hampering their privacy. Secondly, anti- peace groups may find it easier to target important personalities. So the big question is how we can restrict the negative use of nanotechnology, which can cause damage rather than creating any positive effects.

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