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Unimaginable World of Nanotechnology

Posted by :debu123prokis

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The advantages & benefits of nanotechnology are huge. Benefits of them include nanomedicine, energy systems, water purification systems, etc. There are scientists who are involved with the world which can’t be seen with the naked eye. That field is the world of nanotechnology, the world of atoms and molecules.

To understand the typical world of nanotechnology, we need to understand carefully the concept of units of measurement. One nanometer is equal to one-billionth of a meter, which is smaller than the wavelength of visible light. Nanometers, no doubt how small they are, still large in the atomic scale. All matters in this universe are made of atoms. You and all people are made of atoms. Our body is made of millions of living cells. Cells can be termed as nature’s nanomachines. On the nanoscale level, we can use atoms to make anything.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Horst Stomer said that nanoscale of matters are more important than the atomic scale because nanoscale is the starting point where we can make something.

The Nanotechnology World:

In general, you can take into consideration that nanotechnology deals with anything between 1 and 100 nm. Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field. Physicists, chemists and engineers are all involved with the study of nanotechnology.

Quantum mechanics plays an exciting role in nanoscale. The rules of quantum mechanics are completely different from classical physics. Substances behave erratically at the nanoscale level. At the nanoscale level electrons can do teleportation. This is called Electron Tunneling. At the nanoscale level, insulators can become semiconductors.

Scientists are researching with substances at the nanoscale level. To create powerful microprocessors, engineers are using nano sized wires. Doctors are trying to use nanotechnology in medical applications.

Concept of Nanowires And Carbon Nanotubes:

Nanowires and carbon nanotubes are the two nanosized structures which are of particular interest for scientists. The diameter of nanowires are of 1 nanometer. Scientists are trying to build tiny transistors for computer chips by carbon nanotubes. In previous years, the use of carbon nanotubes have overcame nanowires.

A carbon nanotube is consisted of carbon atoms nano sized cylinders. Imagine that there is a sheet of carbon atoms. If that sheet is rolled into a tube, you will get carbon nanotube. Although all carbon nanotubes consist of carbon, still each is completely different than others. Such carbon nanotubes can be created which can be hundred times stronger than steel, but much lighter.

Today, cars and airplanes are trying to be made of carbon nanotubes. By making them with carbon nanotubes, they become lighter and have massive strength.

Carbon nanotubes can be a right choice for semiconductors. Scientists are trying to make carbon nanotubes a good option for transistors in microprocessors.

Nanotech Products:

There are several products which benefits from nanotechnology:-

  • Nanotech Sunscreens- Several sunscreens are made of zinc oxide or titanium oxide nanoparticles.


  • Photocatalytic & hydrophilic glass- Company Pilkington offers a photocatalytic & hydrophilic glass called Active Glass. Photocatalytic means when UV light hits the glass then the nanoparticles become active. They in the energized state break down the organic molecules on the surface of the glass which are usually dirt. Hydrophilic means water gets evenly spread on the surface of the glass and makes it clean.


New and new products using nanotechnology are coming out in the market every day. Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), fabrics which are wrinkle resistant, anti microbial bandages and other products which are using nanotechnology are in the market.

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  1. smitholivia335  - March 22, 2015

    Hi debu. Thanks for this nice article. It’s true that nanotechnology has huge benefits if used efficiently. I liked the concept of carbon nanotubes. I am feeling surprised to know that carbon nanotubes are used to make cars and airplanes.

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