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A Journey From Robots To Nanobots

Posted by :grahamford557

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Nanorobotics is an emerging technology which deals with the creation of robots or machines of dimensions of nanometer scale. Nanorobotics refers to the field of nanotechnology branch of engineering. Nanorobotics deals with the design and building of nanorobots. The size of these nanorobots ranges from 0.1 to 10 micrometers.


Nanorobots can be used in medicine; this idea was put forward by Albert Hibbs, a graduate student of Richard Feynman. Due to the microscopic size of nanobots, they can do all types of microscopic to macroscopic tasks. The detailed theoretical analysis of nanorobotics including the design issues like locomotion, navigation or onboard computation has been placed by Robert Freitas in his journal in nanomedicine.

Nanobots Approach

  • Biochip- Nanorobots can be used in common medical applications such as drug delivery, surgical instrumentation. In this context, new biomaterials and nanoelectronics are jointly used.


  • Nubots- It’s a short form of “nucleic acid robot”. They are molecular organic machines at the nanoscale level.


  • Surface Bound Systems- Synthetic molecular motors are attached to the surfaces. These nanomachines which are primitive in form, performs machine like motions on the surface of a macroscopic material.


  • Bacteria Based Approach- In this approach, biological micro organisms are used. For locomotion purposes, flagellum is used. The motion of this biologically integrated device is controlled by electromagnetic fields.


  • Virus Based Approach- Retroviruses can replace DNA in the coming future. Through the process of reverse transcription, genetic packaging can be delivered to a vector.


  • Nanorobots Race- With the advent of technology, we had nuclear arms race and space race. Now a race for nanorobots is advancing fast. Big corporations like Siemens, Synopsis, and General Electric are working in the research and development of nanorobotics.


Potential Application of Nanorobots


  • Nanomedicine- Nanorobotics has a great future in medical field. They are used in surgery, health care, diabetes monitoring and biomedical instrumentation. In future, in the field of medical nanotechnology, nanorobots can be injected in the patient’s body. They will work at the cellular level in the human body.


In the repair of tissue cells nanorobots are used. In the first response to injury, white blood cells are recruited in the affected part. Nanorobots reach the injury site through the blood vessels by attaching themselves to the white cells surface.


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  1. rogersd923  - March 22, 2015

    There is a huge application of nanobots in different fields. I think they are more used in medical technology. The day is not far when they will be used in curing cancer. It is nice to know that today nanobots are used to repair tissue cells.

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