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Time Travel Soon Becoming A Reality

Posted by :levineadam050

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If you can travel in time and stop your own grandparents from meeting with each other then would you prevent your own birth? It’s the main feature of the infamous theory “grandfather paradox”. This theory is mainly responsible to think that time travel is not possible at all. But some scientists think in the other way. After studying the behavior of time travelling photons, they think that the grandfather paradox can be resolved at the quantum level.

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia carried out this research. The result of this research was published in the Nature Communications journal. In this research, light photons were used. These photons were used for the stimulation of quantum particles which travels back through time. Bizarre feature of modern physics were revealed by studying the behavior of these photons.

Researchers came out with two possible results with the time travelling photons. In this simulation, a time travelling photon’s behavior was examined while the photon interacts with its older self. Another photon gets stuck in a wormhole. The original photon travels through time and interacts with this photon. The behavior of the second photon was simulated and simultaneously the behavior of the first photon was studied. Consistent results were achieved.

The word “Quantum” is meant by the smallest possible particle which can independently exist. Example of quantum is photons.

Problematic paradoxes are faced by bigger systems during time travel.

The behavior of quantum particles can’t be explained by normal physics. That’s why in 1991 it was declared that time travel can be possible in the “quantum world”. Scientists claim that quantum particle’s properties are very uncertain to explain. That’s why they can avoid peculiar time travel situations.

Two of the great physical theories, which are Einstein’s quantum mechanics and general relativity, make an interface where the question of time travel lies.

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  1. ruchiahuja60  - March 22, 2015

    It is a fantastic article. Time travel is a fascinating idea. But it is nearly impossible to really make it happen. I also think that wormholes can be used to travel in time.

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