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Now A Solar Panel Which You Can Wear on Your Arm

Posted by :smitholivia335

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Wearing a solar panel on your arm is a cool concept. A team of engineers has invented plastic armband which is solar powered. This armband measures the temperature of the wearer’s body. You can set the device’s threshold temperature. When the temperature rises high, an alarm goes off. In inside and outside of clothing, it can work on both conditions. Researchers claimed that other vital signs like heart rate can also be detected by this armband.

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An early prototype is fever alarm armband. So, you can’t expect to see in pharmacies and hospitals anytime now. In electronics research this is a great accomplishment. Unlike other electronic devices of today, they are flexible and light. By research, such electronic devices are invented day by day, which can go into our clothes or which can wear all day.

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The power-supply circuit of the armband consists of carbon based organic compounds. Unlike classic electronic devices, which are made of silicon and metals, these organic electronic devices are not as efficient. This electronic solar armband can bend and stretch. People want this type of armbands because of that quality. These armbands work better with flexible materials like flexible plastic. Manufacturing organic electronics is very easy and cheap. Researchers printed on the plastic backing, some components of the armband using inkjet printer.

These advanced solar panel armbands are the product of new technology. We hope that they are cheap and not harmful for the human body.

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  1. samanthakahn  - March 30, 2015

    Hi. Solar panels have a lot of benefit. Solar panel armbands can be used as battery charger or mobile charger. For that, it has to be found cheap in the market.

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