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What Are Thermo Bimetal Layers

Posted by :oliverstone276

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Most of the buildings in my area have thick walls. Thick walls are great for insulation. During summer, this insulation keeps the inner building area cool and during the winters, keeps the interior warm. Between the interior and the exterior, the amount of temperature transfer is limited by the small windows in the buildings. In the past, with the invention of rolled steel and plate glass, floor-to-ceiling windows were made. That’s the time, when came mechanical air conditioning cooling system to cool places which were solar heated. With the progress of time, buildings became taller and bigger. As a result, mechanical systems of air cooling also became massive. These mechanical systems require a lot of energy. They emit a lot of heat into the atmosphere. That’s why the cities face heat island effect which causes the urban areas to become much hotter than the adjacent rural areas. When the power is lost, not a single window can be opened, which made the buildings uninhabitable. To put our buildings in a net zero energy state, the mechanical systems can’t be made more efficient. We need something different.

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The average human skin can naturally control the body temperature. So, we propose that our building skin be more like a human skin. Smart materials like smart thermo-bimetals can help us here. They are called “smart” because they require no energy and controls. We require a lamination of two different metals.

The building has four storey glass boxes. The glass box is sheathed with thermo-bimetal layer. As the sun moves around the surface of that layer, the layer actually open and close. Now, we don’t need shutters, blinds and drapes because the building can be sheathed with these things also inside the building, we can control the amount of air conditioning.

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In a double-glazed window panel, between the two pieces of the glass, we are trying to make a thermo-bimetal pattern system. When the sun hits the outside layer and the interior cavity gets hot, that thermo-bimetal will start curling. As a result, the bimetal will start to block the sun in certain parts of the building.

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I want to express one last impression about using these smart materials. When in your absence, there is no one to regulate the controls, when there is an outage of power, if you are tired of controlling the blinds day after day, then these thermo-bimetals will still work tirelessly. Thank you all.

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