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Scope of nanotechnology in medicine and nano-surgery

Posted by :smitholivia335

Nanotechnology is the scientific study of substance in their molecular form. This particular branch of science is being implemented in major streams of science such as physics, biology, chemistry, etc. In the recent years, nanotechnologies are revolutionizing future devices and applications that help in better living and have been proved very useful in industrial sectors. Although most of its work is in the development phase many of its application are being used commercially with positive outputs. Here we will concentrate on the topic how useful is the applications of nanotechnology in medicine and nanosurgery.

Medical science has been benefited in many ways with the help of nanotechnology. It is especially very useful for doctors and surgeons who deal with nanoscale particles in medicinal practices. With the help of this technology the critical surgeries that need micro attention will be carried out with ease.

Nanotechnology has the power to create device and products working with particles at nanoscale which allows  to manufacture light weighed and smart product for a more easy and effective  implementation. Controlling the nanostructures is quite a difficult task, but if done in a proper legitimate way, the results will be outstanding, opening up a wide angle of progress in the field of medicine. Nanotechnology in nanosurgery will be able to find out solution of curing critical illness, related to blood, lung, brain or even cardio vascular disorders.

Nanotechnology to improve surgeries

Till day we have seen surgeries take place in an invasive way, by applying the nanotechnology, no invasive procedures of surgery will become popular which will allow scrutinizing the inner parts of a body from the outside.Nanoscale tools will further help in easy surgical procedure from the outside. Another useful innovation of nanotechnologies is the use of silver coating dust which is said to remain uninfected from bacteria and other harmful agents. Smart sensors is another worth mentioning products of nanotechnology  it helps to provide data of the inner condition of a patient along with the blood flow on either sides of the heart valve. They can prove really useful to give data updates of the effectiveness of a surgery and condition of a patient whether improving or deteriorating.

A few applications of nanotechnology

  • Titanium coated Implants-titanium coated implants are generally used in orthopedic cases. The advantage of titanium coating is that they are biocompatible. The first titanium coated product was used in a hernia surgery, it was seen when compared to plastic mesh it reduced the pain after operation.
  • Surgical chip-A few well known institutions joined hand for a project the idea of which is a lab on a chip. The basic idea involved a surgery room which will fit into a chip and be able to perform a neuro-surgery successfully without surgeon’s intervention.
  • Nanorobotics-The development is ongoing in project of nanobot that will perform surgeries and be able to assist doctors and surgeons in different areas.
  • Cardiac treatment- Engineers have designed nanotech cardiac surgery that can clear a block in heart and treat any vein or artery related problem that needs precise attention.

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To conclude, we can say that apart from the few examples cited above, nanotechnology in medicine has a long way to go for inventing more useful and efficient devices and products that could be helpful in treating diseases and let mankind to live a healthy life.



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